Milestone to Become the First Home-grown Global Accounting Company to Reach 50 Countries

3E Accounting’s Milestone: Successfully positioned as First Home-grown Global Accounting network in 50 Countries

SINGAPORE: Established just six years ago in 2011, 3E Accounting recently achieved another milestone becoming the first home-grown global accounting network in Singapore with offices in 50 countries. 3E Accounting International network is being managed by 3E Accounting International Pte. Ltd. with it’s headquarter in Singapore.

3E Accounting boasts a highly professional service network of independent accounting and consulting member firms which provide accounting, tax, payroll and advisory services to small, medium industries (SME).

The company was founded by Lawrence Chai, and is among the successful Singaporean international networks that strive to help SMEs to network, build relationships and succeed in their business.

As one of the leading one-stop service providers in Singapore, 3E Accounting understands that networking is the key to business development as well as personal growth.

With its network spanning across 50 countries today, the network has more than 1,200 staff and 79 offices to support clients around the world.

The expansion of the international network portrays not only their success but also their achievement as the first and largest Singapore-based global accounting network.

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