How to Start a Cleaning Service Business in Singapore

How it Becomes Ideal to Start a Cleaning Service Business in Singapore

Opening a business of cleaning service in Singapore is an ideal deal, which should be taken seriously. The reason behind it is the government is very keen on keeping the environment safe and healthy for its people. Environmental sector (EC) pays utmost importance on keeping the country clean and green. Therefore, it will welcome anyone who wants to initiate this business, as the cleaning business can contribute to the cleanliness of the environment.


To Open a Cleaning Service Business in Singapore

In order to open a cleaning service in Singapore, one must choose the type of business structure, either small or large. The business structure should be designed beforehand that whether the business would always be kept small, or it would be enhanced with the passage of time.


Requirements for Getting a License

There are certain rules and regulations for a new cleaning service business in Singapore, which a company should attempt in order to start. Firstly, it has to get a license and there is a procedure to get a license.


Registration with ROS or ACRA

Companies are bound to register with ACRA (Accounting and corporate regulatory authority) OR with a registry of societies (ROS).


Records of the Business

The company should have at least 1 employee who has 2 years of experience in this industry, or has at least attended the training modules under the supervision of environmental cleaning (EC).


Training Requirements

During the application of the license, until getting the license, the workers should be 50% trained in their respective jobs. The workers should be 100% trained during the renewal of the license, until it’s being registered.


Progressive Wage Plan

Cleaning business has to submit a progressive wage plan. The wage has to be classified for permanent residents or foreigner cleaners, based on their experience and training. The wage should be set according to the rules set by TCC (Tripartite cluster for cleaners). Variation of wage should also be specified according to full time or part-time cleaners.


Penalties for Illegal Services

Services found to be working under no license would be charged with heavy fines. It depends on the duration fo work without a license. The maximum charge can be $10,000 or up to 12 months of imprisonment.

How to Start a Cleaning Service Business in Singapore



Therefore, if you want to start a new cleaning service in Singapore, do not hesitate to apply for your license, as the legal proceedings are easy, and the government is also cooperative in this regard. However, avoid working without a license, as it can result in heavy penalties.

When the government is really supportive and the cleaning service is easy to start, there is no point that anyone would want to start a cleaning service business in Singapore, without authentic measures. One should not wait and think to start a cleaning business in Singapore if they have the intention to open it. They should start working on it as soon as possible. As there is a high demand as well the outcome is really high.