How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Company In Singapore?

Commercial Cleaning Company in Singapore: Hows and Whys

The cleaning business is considered as a standout amongst the branches of the environmental sector in Singapore. Singapore government always involve themselves for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. That is why Singapore cleaning industry has to turn into a decent business open door for financial specialists. If you want to set up a commercial cleaning company in Singapore, then this article will help you to successfully start your business. If you are planning to start your own business but still figuring out that what kind of business you will operate. Then you must try this business. The best part of cleaning business is that you don’t need to go through need training and experience to get success in your business.

How To Register A Cleaning Company In Singapore?

Starting a commercial cleaning business is quite easy and is less expensive with less operating cost, and flexible working hours. The first step in starting a commercial cleaning company is to make your strategy and business policy.

Structure Of Business:

You have to choose the type of structure for of the business. Through this, the government will get to know whether you’re set up as a big or small or sole proprietorship or as a limited liability company respectively. This will depend on the administrations the Singapore commercial cleaning organization offer, which should likewise be resolved.

Choosing The Name:

Discover a good and catchy name for your business which stands outs for your rivals. Thereafter, get it approved by the ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority). Once your company name gets approved, the name will be reserved for you for 60 days. A catchy name helps you to advertise your business significantly and also attracts the customers.

Licensing Requirements For Cleaning Companies In Singapore:

The commercial cleaning services need to be licensed in Singapore unless it is exempted by law. The validity of the license is 1 year and renewable on a yearly basis.

Registration With ACRA/ROS:

The structure of the company is prior and it must get approved and registered by the ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority). And, The societies and associations must be associated with ROS(Registry of Societies).

Rules And Regulations:

Commercial Cleaning Company must have a 1 employee with a minimum of 2 years practical experience in supervising cleaning work. Cleaners (employed for 3 months and more) must have an Understanding of the Local Cleaning Industry Environment and National Environment Agency (NEA) rules.

Make A Detailed List Of Work Holdings:


How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Company In Singapore?
Commercial Cleaning Company in Singapore must have a particular list of services [provide in the cleaning business. After that, must obtain the business license from National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore.

Obtain Liability Insurance:

This will protect your assets if they get lost or harmed. Furthermore, it will cover unfortunate mishap or calamities that could occur from fire, robbery or other harm while the equipment is in your home.

Create A Marketing Plan:

Make an advertising plan for your business and begin to execute it bit by bit. You can post pamphlets on notice sheets in various public places. You may post promotions in daily papers, online indexes and make a site for your business. Informal attention may give productive outcomes too.

In Singapore, joining a business is genuinely simple and basic system. Go ahead, procure a joining pro and register commercial cleaning company in Singapore to experience the delight of working for yourself.