Top 10 Best SSL Provider in Singapore

Here Are the Top 10 Best SSL Provider in Singapore

Did you know that 75% of customers determine the credibility of a business based on its website design? Having a website is important, and more and more companies in Singapore seem to realize it. After all, almost every leading SMEs in Singapore are looking for a website designer and a developer these days. They are also looking for the best SSL provider.

Well, the elements of a good website would be a responsive and attractive design, faster load times, an easy interface, etc. However, one equally (or more) important factor that determines a site’s success would be security, which many SMEs seem to overlook.

An SSL Provider in Singapore helps you install an SSL certificate, which encrypts and decrypts the data coming in and out of your website. This helps you to keep your and your customer’s information safe from hackers.


Why Do You Need an SSL Provider in Singapore?

How many times have you seen a label of ‘Not Secure’ before a website address? This indicates the absence of an SSL certificate.

Say you run an e-commerce site. Whenever your customer enters their personal data (name, payment information, etc.), the SSL certificate converts it into codes in their browser. As the information comes to your website server, they travel through the internet lines in codes.

Thus, even if a hacker intercepts the data when it is travelling through the internet, all they get is the code. The code is converted back to the original information when it reaches your website. Again, when you send back some message to your customer, the SSL certificate encrypts it in your server and decrypts it in your customer’s browser.

As you can see, an SSL Certificate is a simple, affordable, yet a very effective way to keep you and your website user’s data safe from hackers. However, an SSL certificate isn’t only for security but also for business. An https authentication (which you get from SSL) is a Google ranking factor. Furthermore, users are increasingly becoming unwilling to enter their data on a website with a ‘Not Secure’ Label.

Remember, SSL certificate is optional for a website to operate, but a must for it to be secure. Reports say that there is a hacker attack every 39 second. Moreover, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses.


What Are the Types of SSL Certificates?

Before moving on to choose the best SSL provider in Singapore, we will have to discuss the types of SSL Certificates. This is because different SSL service providers are popular for different types of SSL certificates.

Domain Verification SSL Certificate

A domain verification SSL certificate installs the https authentication, i.e., sets up the encrypting and decrypting of data.

Organisational SSL Certificate

Apart from installing https, an organization SSL Certificate proves that the company running the website has been registered.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

An extended validation SSL certificate shows the name of the website in the user’s web browsers. It proves the existence of the organization that owns the website, and also verifies that the users are on the site that they think are in. In other words, an Extended Validation certificate saves users from phishing.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard SSL certificate can either be domain validation or an organizational SSL Certificate. It secures a domain and all of its sub-domains. For example, if your website name is, a wildcard certificate will secure domain name along the lines of,, etc.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

A multi-domain SSL certificate secures more than one domain of a buyer. In other words, a multi-domain SSL certificate secures more than one domain located on the same IP. For example, say a domain A multi-domain SSL certificate can secure,, etc.


Top 10 SSL Provider in Singapore

With SSL Certificates being an effective and easy way to provide website security, they are high in demand in Singapore. Thus, it is only natural to have a lot of Certificate Authorities selling their products in the city-state. We list the top 10 of them to help you choose the right SSL provider in Singapore:


Sectigo SSL

Sectigo SSL is the world’s biggest commercial SSL provider. It provides all three types of SSL Certificates, including Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, and Extended Validation. Even if the prices are not the lowest, they are reasonable, and the certificate does a good job in securing websites especially for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Sectigo has the latest encryption, and when you buy one of their certificates, you will instantly get a trust logo, which says ‘Powered by Sectigo.’ When your website visitors see this, they can be assured that they are in a safe place, as you have bought your certificate from one of the well-known providers.

You get a warranty of $500,000 on Domain Validation, $1 million on Organizational Validation, and $1.75 million on Extended Validation certificates. The customer support is superb.



Just like its name suggests, InstantSSL secures your website instantly (for a DV certificate). Furthermore, if all the documentations are correct, the company will process your OV and EV certificates in as less as a day.

InstantSSL is similar to the SectigoSSL provider on what it offers. Or in more exact terms, InstantSSL is a branch of Sectigo SSL which offers lesser features in a little less money. You have an option of buying an SSL certificate for 5 years which decreases the total cost you need to pay for the security.

InstantSSL offers Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, and Extended Validation Certificates. With the costlier plans, Instant SSL also provides additional services in addition to its SSL certificate, just like Sectigo SSL. They include Web Detect, Content Delivery System, Web Firewall, Web Patch, Web Backup and Restore, etc.


DigiCert Certificates

Again, Digicert isn’t the cheapest SSL certificate, and it is mostly recommended to medium and large companies that can’t take any chances with the security. They provide a warranty of up to $2 million.

Digicert is one of the most popular SSL service providers offering certificates of every type. The plans are flexible, with you being able to add additional features with every certificate. They include antivirus and malware checker, website vulnerability assessments, brand protection, etc.

As soon as you sign up for their service, you get access to CertCentral, a software that provides the status and insights to your SSL Certificate. Every website secured with DigiCert gets a Norton Site Seal.



GeoTrust has been powered by Digicert. In other words, they offer the same certificate as Digicert, but at a little less cost and lesser features.

GeoTrust has DV certificates which they call QuickSSL, Organizational Validation Certificates known as TrueBusiness ID, and EV which they simply call TrueBusiness ID with EV. The company issues DV certificates within minutes. Organizational Validation Certificate may take up to a day, and the EV up to three days. The warranty starts at $500,000 for DV and goes up to $1.5 million for EV.

Being a part of Digicert, GeoTrust also offers you access to CertCentral. Furthermore, they have excellent customer support praised by many on their reviews.



RapidSSL used to have a company of its own before it was acquired by GeoTrust. However, even if the product label has changed, the service and the price hasn’t.

RapidSSL is one of the cheapest, yet the most secure SSL Certificates in Singapore. It mostly suits personal blogs and smaller websites which need the most security but don’t have the budget to go for extravagant features.

In other words, RapidSSL is an SSL certificate that ‘gets the job done’, without frequent issues like free SSL certificates. As you have paid for your product, you can depend on it. Moreover, RapidSSL has plans for DV, OV, and EV as well. Lastly, you will get customer support from Geotrust company itself, and unlimited reissues.



The next top SSL provider in Singapore is GlobalSign.

GlobalSign is a close competitor to DigiCert, with similar prices and features. First, it offers every type of SSL certificate, including Domain Validated, Organization Validated, and Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The wildcard is available for DV and OV. Second, similar to CertCentral, GlobalSign has its own tracking software that lets you keep essential records of your SSL information.

GlobalSign is an affordable solution for businesses, and could also be preferred by some personal blog and website owners gave that they can spend some money. The underwritten warranty is $10k for Domain Validated, $1.25 million for OV, and $1.5 for EV. Furthermore, the issuance of DV happens within minutes, and OV and EV don’t take more than two and four days respectively.


Norton LifeLock (Symantec SSL Certificates)

Not only as an SSL provider in Singapore, but Norton is a well-known name in the internet security world, having numerous products helping devices from malware, hackers, and unethical system use. SSL certificates are one of their offerings, and being a Fortune 500 company, we would expect their Certificates to generally stand above others.

Well, that is the case, especially with your site getting the Norton Secure Seal, Daily Malware Scanning 24/7 Customer Support, warranty of up to $1.75 million, and other exciting features. The superior brand name, however, comes with a lot of costs, and Symantec SSL Certificates are one of the most expensive products out there. Furthermore, they only offer OV and EV. Thus, Norton LifeLock is for SMEs and bigger companies rather than individual creators.


Positive SSL

Positive SSL makes an excellent option for personal creators and smaller businesses who want SSL certificates, similar to Rapid SSL. They don’t have fancy features, but they haven’t compromised with the security, having the strongest encryption like other SSL providers in this list. The highlight of Positive SSL is that their prices are less than half of the most providers.

Another thing to note is that Positive SSL provides DV, OV, and EV as well. The warranties start from $500 for DV to $1,000,000 for EV. Wildcard and multi-domain certificates are available. PositiveSSL has been powered by Sectigo, so despite the lesser fees, you won’t have anything to complain about the customer service.


Thawte SSL Certificate

Thawte is another SSL provider in Singapore with features and prices that mostly suit individual creators and smaller businesses. Thawte is the basic offering of DigiCert, which is their answer to Sectigo’s Positive SSL, and Geotrust’s RapidSSL.

The prices are low, and the customer support is superior given that it is from Digicert. Thawte offers Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation, all of which have the strongest encryption. Apart from that, you get access to CertCentral, which will help you know the status of your SSL certificate at every time. The Warranties start from $500,000 and go up to $1.25 million.

You can start a 30-day free trial before paying for the certificate.


Enterprise SSL

The final SSL provider in Singapore on our list is Enterprise SSL, which is the high-end offering of Sectigo. As its name suggests, Enterprise SSL is a product for businesses and corporations, and it does an excellent job with security and encryption.

EnterpriseSSL offers Organization Validated with Wildcard and Multi-Domain, and Extended Validation with Multi-Domain. The warranties are between $1.5 million and $2 million. The service comes loaded with features like Malware Scan, Web Patch, Web Clean, Backup and Restore, Content Delivery Network, Firewall and others. You can also choose the features you want, which allows you to be flexible with the cost.

All in all, EnterpriseSSL is a perfect option if you are running a company website with security being your prime concern. Moreover, even if you are not satisfied with the product, the company offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Top 10 Best SSL Provider in Singapore


How to Buy an SSL Certificate in Singapore?

Choosing an SSL provider in Singapore will be confusing and a long process if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. Thus, you may need to consult with an expert who will recommend a certificate that keeps your website safe. At the same time, they can help you ensure you don’t buy more than what you actually need.

You can connect with IT Solution Singapore Pte Ltd. They are a leading IT company in the city-state with networks with all the above SSL providers. They will provide you with a consultancy for free, recommending you an SSL provider, and also help you and your company to buy from them at the lowest prices.