What Are Some Ways To Start A House Cleaning Business In Singapore?

Start a House Cleaning Business in Singapore Today and Earn Well

If a little elbow grease does not bother you and can tackle a job that others are not willing to do, a house cleaning business is a good idea for you. With this kind of business, you can charge a rate you want and only work when and where you want to. When you start a house cleaning business, you need to know where to get clients. Prior to starting this business, there are a lot of decisions to make.

Decide on a Game Plan

Decide if you want the business to only be your source of extra cash monthly or if you want to do it full-time. Over the past couple of years, some people have been doing house-cleaning as a part-time business to have extra income. If you only want a small gig, start servicing 1 or 2 clients weekly. Mopping, dusting, and vacuuming are brief cleaning services you can do. In case you want it full-time, you can offer more services. The extras could include cleaning blinds, washing windows, silver polishing, and removal of mildew. The other items need more time and you should have a different rate for this.

Social Media Presence

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are awesome ways to promote a cleaning business because you can connect directly to potential customers. On these platforms, information can easily be shared to your followers and tell them how to approach you. By promoting the services you offer on social media, your brand loyalty can be enhanced by the reviews and interesting content posted on your page. Those who follow you will most likely consider you when they need cleaning services.

Licenses and Permits

While a couple of regions need a certain license for housecleaning services, you should find out if your city, country, or state requires it. If you are going to do specialized work that uses compressed gas or chemicals, you might have to get permits. Although, if you only perform routine cleaning, your business should not need it. in a lot of states, you should charge sales tax if you have a business. If you are self-employed and you only do normal house cleaning without the extras, there is no need to charge sales tax.

Research Your Competition

You should research about the market you will penetrate. Find out the going rate in the area where you plan to do housecleaning services. Do you want to charge the same or a little cheaper? You might think of charging a little lower to attract business, but you should consider the cost of gas and your time. Choose the days you want to work and if you will only do it part-time, you may choose one evening a week. If it will be full-time, you should have weekends off to rest and usually clients want their house cleaned on their work days when they are not home.

Attracting Potential Clients

What Are Some Ways To Start A House Cleaning Business In Singapore?

Finding clients for the 1st time can be as easy as distributing flyers in local stores, apartment buildings, and putting them in mail boxes in your neighborhood. Working in a specific area of the city saves time, money, and gas. It might be wise to offer discounts to those who live nearby. To the ones who live far from you, charging higher is only fair. When a new client avails of your service, introduce yourself to the neighbors and give a business card.

Have a Website

Aside from being on social media, create a website from scratch and it is not as hard as you think because it only takes creativity. The basic services like domain, website builder, business e-mail, and WordPress website will only cost you at least $15 a month. They are beneficial to your business and the monthly payment is very worth it.
There are more ways to start a house cleaning business in Singapore but these are the most basic ones you need to know so it will be successful.