What Are The Best Small Home Businesses In Singapore?

Only the Best Small Home Business Ideas Will Help You Jumpstart Your Career

Not having to battle through the rush hour traffic in the morning or even getting up early to arrive on time is a desire a lot of people have. Even business owners have to wake up early for a meeting because their business is not located at home. The luxury of time is not always in our hands, and that is why having a small home business is going to benefit you more than you think.


Singaporeans love to explore fashion and they are into wearing the latest trends, and they want to look good all the time. If you are good in drawing and designing clothes, you can research on the latest fashion and get inspiration. You will be surprised at how many people are going to be curious about you and will ask you to design clothes for them. The people who will buy your products will tell their friends and you will soon be recognized as a designer who customizes clothes. You do not have to start buying a lot of equipment at 1st because you can control how many clients you can handle at a time.


All businesses look for an accountant to handle the finances, especially while they are growing because it becomes more complex. When you are considering to be an accountant, you have to determine the services you will offer. A lot of accountants become an entry level book keeper for smaller businesses. The accountants who are able to offer a larger range of accounting jobs have balance sheets, monthly/quarterly/annual financial reports, income statements. A specialized service that accountants do is taxes, which is seasonal and lucrative. Since business owners have to manage a lot of processes, they would rather hire an accountant to do taxes for them.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, this is what you should be doing. Putting up a Facebook page is recommended if you want to have more customers and your business reputation will be built from there. The pet sitters that have good reviews can charge $20 an hour and at least $100 for overnight stay. Other services could include pet grooming and dog walking. This kind of business calls for time investment in building good credentials, social media advertisement, and developing your reputation as a trusted pet sitter. You can start with family and friends, then they can spread the word for you if they like your service.

Business Planner

All serious business owners with long-term goals are going to need a plan because they cannot just do business without thinking ahead. You can become a comprehensive business planner that covers market research as well, the narrative of the business plan, and important financial statements. The rate you give should be based on the service the client wants and other services you do can be offered at a higher price. You can provide the business plan’s electronic file, or keep the business plan’s file and offer information update when needed. Samples of business plans are something clients want to see to showcase the kind of work you provide.

Candle Making

What Are The Best Small Home Businesses In Singapore?A candle making business can easily be done at home and they are simple to make because it is basically melting wax, adding fragrance, and color. After that, you have to pour it into a vessel with a sick and then let it set. You can purchase drinking glasses as the jar to use instead of paying for more expensive ones from a special supplier. Just be careful about the fire risk in making cables and have a good plan in case the wax catches fire. You can make huge profit here even if you have to start small.

Expert Witness

If you are looking to make money in this kind of work, you need to become an expert witness. When this is part of your expertise, it will be beneficial to legal cases and approach attorneys who need an expert witness. In case you are not interested in this, you can also become a matchmaker who finds an expert witness to match with an attorney to help with their cases. Expert witnesses who deal with large money cases are expected to go anywhere where they are needed to testify. The witness database you have should be from all over the country, so have a large market to earn from.

Training a Professional Course

This is a new industry in Singapore and it has a wide scope for businessmen because there is only a number of Southeast Asian institutes that have quality education. Singaporean institutes offer good education and they have in demand courses. Singapore is becoming a chosen destination for students from Southeast Asia who want high studies without being too far from home. You could think about setting a business like this that have online courses in tourism, travel, fashion designing, hospitality, business administration, and others.

Auditing Home Energy

Since there are a lot of expenses from running a home, a lot of homeowners are always looking for ways to cut down their utility bills. If you are able to provide an audit of their home energy, you will become a valuable asset to them. You can provide a breakdown of how they will save on their cooling, heating, and use of electricity. Your services can be sold by implementing and installing some of what you suggested for their home. In addition, you are going to have to audit all of their appliance which provide efficiency ratings and the calculations depending on how old the appliance is. Another important item is the water heater which should not be forgotten.

Career Coaching

If you want to inspire people to make a living, then become a career coach because you will be able to make a difference. By being a career coach, your clients could be from any age, from people who are young and still do not know what career path to take or how to get that dream job. Older people sometimes look for a career change so you they will be needing your services as well. Your role is to help clients prepare for interviews, have a better resume, and determine their passions.

Jewelry Making

A jewelry business has a lot of ways to start and you can use a lot of different materials to make beautiful jewelry. If you want to handle metal, you need to use specific tools. Heat is needed to shape it, and metalworking tools have to be used for cutting and engraving it. Although, there are a lot of other materials that have a lower cost you can use for this business such as plastic, glass, feathers, bead, and wood. A lot of people enjoy using jewelry and once you have built your reputation, more customers will buy from you.

These are the best small home business ideas that are easy to start and you will find it very simple to manage. It is never good to venture into a business that you cannot handle and starting small is definitely the way to success.