Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Reliable Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Company secretary services in Singapore benefit your business by offering seasoned professionals at low prices. Know more about what these services are and what benefits they offer.

There is no substitute for great secretaries. But what do you do if you don’t have the budget or the time to hire the person you want? The answer is- go for company secretarial services.

What are Company Secretarial Services?

Company secretarial services have secretaries that you can hire on an on-task basis. They offer qualified company secretaries to companies at a reasonable price, especially those who need someone to do secretarial functions but don’t have enough money to hire their own secretaries.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements of a Company Secretary

Company secretaries handle the statutory records, ensure the company’s compliance with various laws, communicate with the government, take records of meetings, and do other administrative jobs. Their roles are essential for both company growth and to ensure that the company does everything according to the law. They are the ones that are expected to get and return the message the company receives from the authorities.

The importance of company secretaries is even more in Singapore, given that every company must hire a secretary. Or, you can hire a company secretarial services provider.

These are the requirements for someone to become a company secretary in Singapore:

Benefits of Hiring Company Secretary Services in Singapore

These are the benefits of hiring company secretarial services in Singapore:

Compliance Made Easy

Like said before, companies in Singapore must hire a company secretary within six months of incorporation. Especially if you are a foreigner and don’t already have connections yet, you can still incorporate your company by availing company secretarial services. You don’t need to wait until you have found someone to work as a company secretary.

Every Work Done for You

Secretaries have important compliance work. If they don’t do their job correctly, their company may be in trouble. Company secretarial services ensure that all the executive work is handled precisely and promptly. Furthermore, they are professionals. They will make sure that all the reports are correct and accurate so you won’t have to worry about any legal problems in the future.


Company Secretarial services have quite a competition in Singapore. The best secretaries in the city-state have been hired by secretarial services. Their secretaries know all the ins and outs of the job and give you feedback on your company’s operations to make them more effective. In other words, they provide more in-depth information and expertise in the field, rather than with only your employees.


Hiring and coaching an in-house team is going to be more expensive than hiring from company secretarial services. At the same time, to receive a good standard of services, you need to pay more than an average salary. Company secretarial services ease the situation by providing you with only the best secretaries without burdening your pocket. They have flexible prices, and you can only pay for what you need. So, secretarial services are highly recommended for smaller businesses.

No Risks

Like said before, irresponsibleness from company secretaries can put your company in a drag. Not only you may need to stop your operations, but you may need to pay hefty legal fees later to bring everything back to normal. Also, say you spend a lot of money to hire a secretary, but they aren’t quite what you hoped for. None of these situations will occur with company secretarial services. You don’t need to offer a permanent contract, and you can easily change your secretarial service provider.

Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Recommended Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Choosing a company secretarial service can be difficult, especially with the options that you have. But you need to be clever enough to select a service from which you can expect the best.

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