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Renopedia – The Fastest Growing Online Renovation Portal in Singapore

Headquartered in Singapore, Renopedia is one of the most successful and fastest growing online renovation portals in the country. The company enjoys partnerships with more than 100 renovation professionals and merchants. Renopedia’s success can be gauged by its strong market reputation, 72.4K Facebook page likes and 12.6K Instagram followers.

A Brief Company Profile
Founded in 2014, Renopedia is a leading renovation brand developed by 1 Heart Agency Pte Ltd, the brainchild of James Soh. Initially, 1 Heart Agency PTE Ltd was focused on engaging foreign employers and maid businesses but in 2014, the company made a conscious decision to change its direction and venture into the renovation media sector by the brand name, Renopedia.

Driven with a customer-focused approach and fuelled by the passion to provide the best and latest in the world of interior design, Renopedia is a rapidly growing and trusted online renovation platform. The company is dedicated to provide homeowners in Singapore with the most inspiring interior design ideas, best home decor solutions and tips that help them give their home a fresh new look and add personality, that too, cost-effectively.

Renopedia Online Renovation CompanyThe ongoing success that the company enjoys today did not come easily. The team behind Renopedia struggled hard and overcame several challenges both enthusiastically and strategically, before they could enjoy the sweet taste of success.

Leveraging his business acumen and understanding the changing dynamics of the corporate world and consumer demands, James Soh founded Renopedia. But, this didnt happen in a blink. Soh, who’s now 30, began his struggle when he was only 19. He quit NUS and joined the multi-level marketing industry in the hopes to build a successful career, but before he could do so, he left the industry to start the FNB business venture with his friend.

This venture proved to be insolvent, making him face the risk of bankruptcy. Though he hit rock bottom, these events didn’t bring him down. In fact, they added more to his passion and determination to succeed. To pay off his debt, he nearly have to sell his car. However, things changed when he joined a publishing firm that sold advertisements for an interior design magazine. In less than 6 months, he earned the Best Sales Performer Award and the Rising Star Award by the company. He was promoted 4 times within 2 years and rose to the Senior Business Manager in the company at the age of 27.

Renopedia Online Renovation CompanyIn 2013, Soh decided to bid farewell to print media and start his own business venture, by the name 1 Heart Agency PTE Ltd. He knew that print media would soon be obsolete as more businesses shift online. He launched his brand Renopedia with a well-conceived approach based on quality research. He focused on launching an inspirational renovation platform that was more customer-driven as compared to others that were more advertiser-based. He leveraged the power of content marketing and social media to run inspirational, share-worthy and reader engaging blogs across his website, Facebook, Instagram and mobile app.

With the passion to succeed, he was ready to face challenges that his new business was up against. He knew that to optimize different platforms, his current marketing budget was merely not enough to attract customers and advertisers but luckily, his strong networking with interior designers truly helped him who worked with him largely because of the mutual trust that they shared.

The second challenge was manpower. Renopedia became a huge success, faster than Soh thought. He needed a bigger team to grow and share the workload. Therefore, he actively hired new and talented people who shared the same values to join his team.

However, in 2015, when the company was on the roll with more than 50 advertisers and a high web traffic flow, their website got hacked. He managed to overcome his challenge by getting a new website designed and launched within 2 months.

Today, the company is termed as the fastest growing online renovation portal in Singapore by its clients.

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