Lost Found Rewards

Lost Found Rewards – Lost & Found Made Easy

Lost and Found Rewards is a lost and found company that helps businesses in Singapore track valuables and recover lost possessions securely and efficiently. We facilitate the lost & found process by allowing users to easily tag their valuables with a recovery stickers tag that has a tracking link and post about their lost items. Citizens who had found the lost possession can contact the rightful owner of the lost item via the tracking link and arrange to return the lost item. After that, they can collect rewards from the owner in return for their good deeds. Lost and Found Rewards aims to encourage people to do more good deeds, such as returning lost items to their rightful owner and for more lost items to be returned to the rightful owners through our exceptional service and support.

Lost Found Rewards tags and postings are small and affordable investments that can protect possession of valuable items in the long term. We realised that lost items without a proactive lost and found solution are usually not returned to the rightful owners. Lost Found Rewards helps identify the rightful owner of the lost items easily and enable the items to be returned securely. The finders can also easily contact the rightful owners through Lost Found Rewards. This quickens the process of lost items being returned to the owners.

Lost and Found Rewards Pte Ltd
Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11, Singapore 308900
Contact: 6690 3285
Email: info@lfr.sg
Website: https://www.lostfoundrewards.com/