Best Accounting Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Accounting Services in Singapore

Every business needs to account for their daily or periodic transactions through their books of account. Accounting is a significant process in business because it is from this that you can observe how well or bad your business is doing.

Additionally, the different accounting reports like the income statement and balance sheet can provide you with different types of information necessary in making business decisions. This is why choosing the best accounting services in Singapore is the ideal decision if you want to grow and expand your business.

Company owners can opt to do the accounting themselves. However, the growth of the business can bring in too much work that the accounting responsibilities are often set aside. This is why growing and large companies hire an accounting staff or acquire services from accounting firms. Acquiring the best accounting services in Singapore relieves the management or owners of the stress of doing the accounts on time and accurately.

As a leading accountancy hub in the region, Singapore companies have a lot of options for accounting services. But how would you be able to choose only the best from this wide pool of accounting firms? The answer would depend on which accounting service will best match your business philosophy and service preference.


What Is Accounting Services?

Accounting services are professional assistance from accounting practitioners in the management of your business’s financial activities and records. These services help keep track of vendor payments, customer receipts, and other business activities. Accounting services also allow for the proper classification, recording, and presentation of the company’s accounts. Moreover, accounting services will help make timely financial statements which will be attached to the company’s submission of annual returns with ACRA.

There are many different types of accounting services. There’s bookkeeping where the practitioner ensures the proper record keeping of the company’s financial accounts. Tax accounting is also an accounting service that keeps track of the company’s timely tax payments and provides it with sound tax advice. Then there’s the forensics accounting that helps companies track missing funds in the company’s financial records.

Moreover, companies may also choose to acquire specific accounting services to focus on one accounting responsibility. Payable accounting manages the financial activities related to the company’s expenditure cycle. Payroll accounting maintains the records of employee income, deductions, and bonuses. Bank reconciliation helps match bank records with company books and reconcile discrepancies.

Regardless of the specifics, accounting services deal with the assessment of finances, record keeping, and analysis of business transactions. What would differ is the service provider’s experience and expertise they possess. When looking for accounting services in Singapore, it is important to know whether the firm can meet your service expectations- how often the recordkeeping should be and what specific services you require.


Why Do You Need Accounting Services?

Businesses should identify and record transactions to create a report on the business’ assets, liabilities, and performance. For example, you need to tally all your equipment purchases to know how much of it you own at the end of the year. If you do not keep track of them, you will eventually forget about it, and the record for the company’s total assets would not reflect its actual value faithfully. The correct and proper reflection of economic transactions is necessary when making business strategies and decisions.

Accounting services from an accounting firm in Singapore will help you reach this goal. Acquiring accounting services from top firms ensures that only the most knowledgeable and experienced teams will handle your company’s accounting. You also keep track of your payables, pay them on time, and identify receivables and make timely collections. This prompt tracking of payments and collectibles increases your business efficiency.

Acquiring services from a trusted accounting firm ensures that you keep your records safe and confidential. Well-established accounting firms have high-end systems that ensure the encryption of classified information when transferred or emailed. Only those authorized individuals can then access that information.

Lastly, acquiring accounting services can give you expert advice on how to better manage your financials and transactions. If you are having problems because your company is suffering from recurring losses, then maybe you need to look for a new accounting service provider that can help you manage your business activities better. Based on your historical data, a top accounting professional can help you limit non-essential expenses and maximize profits. You can also consult your accountant on how to properly go about a new project or investment and secure growth for the company.

Best Accounting Services in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best Accounting Services?

Now that you know what to expect, it is now time to go through accounting services options in Singapore. And in going over the list, you have to always keep in mind your business goals, budget, and working preferences. There may be many options in Singapore for the best accounting services, but very few might match your needs. Set your priorities, weigh your options, and pick the one that gives you the most benefits.

Are you looking for accounting services that will suit your business type and needs? Search no more! We have outlined here the top 10 best accounting services in Singapore. We also laid down here the basic information you need to know about what accounting services are and why you need them.