Top 10 Best Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore

We all like wearing clothes that give us the right impression for the event. Be it casual or formal, wearing clothes with lint or discoloration would not give you that result. It is for this reason that consumers value good dry cleaning services in Singapore. Dry cleaning services cleanse the clothes spotless without ruining its fabric, giving it a still brand new look.

If you only just discovered the benefits of dry cleaning services or are done with the poor performance of your current service, you need not worry about the struggles of choosing from a long list of service providers. We will help you by narrowing the list into the top ten best dry cleaning services in Singapore. You can then choose from these ten based on your proximity, budget, and other preferences.

In choosing the most suitable dry cleaning services for you, you also have to consider the service provider’s level of experience, customer reviews, and turnaround time. Additionally, to do well in choosing a service provider, it is best to understand the service on a deeper level. Here is the basic information you should learn about dry cleaning services.


What Is Dry Cleaning Service?

Dry cleaning service is the process of cleaning clothes and other garments with the use of a cleaning solution rather than water and laundry detergent. Contrary to its name, the clothes still do get wet with a water-free liquid solvent. The dry cleaners usually deep-clean the garments with perchloroethylene, removing oils, food, dust, and other stains. Other dry cleaners are also using other environmentally-friendly alternatives nowadays.

The dry cleaning process usually starts with garment tagging to ensure that the customers receive the right items upon their return. Before the clothes are cleaned, the garments first undergo inspection for things like tears, items left in pockets, or missing buttons. And if in this inspection, the handler discovers stains that need specific attention, the item undergoes stain pre-treatment. This is also the time when the staff would cover or remove delicate buttons or trims to prevent damage.

After that, the clothes undergo machine dry cleaning with the cleaning solution. This solution gently disturbs the fabric to loosen the soils. The solution is then drained (sometimes filtered and recycled), and the clothes are rinsed in a fresh solution and inspected once again for any remaining stubborn stains. These remaining blemishes are then treated with steam, water, or vacuum.

After the deep cleaning process, the clothes are then pressed to remove wrinkles and repaired for any rips in the seams. The previously removed buttons are also reattached. Once all of these are done, the items are then folded or hung. Dry cleaners also offer plastic covers to protect the clothes while on their way to their intended destination.


Why Do You Need Dry Cleaning Services?

Some garments require special care and cleaning. Examples of these fabrics include wool, silk, velvet, suede, and acetate, which need to be dry cleaned; otherwise, they will either shrink, lose their color, or distort. The tags in your garments usually indicate whether or not you need to dry-clean them. Doing the right cleaning process for these garments will ensure they maintain their good quality and that they last for a long time.

Furthermore, unlike normal laundering, dry cleaning cleans clothes without penetrating the fibers, which is what causes damages and aging. If you have clothes with heavy stains, cleaning them with water, detergent and bleach might damage the fabric. Dry cleaning them instead ensures a deep clean without compromising the item’s fabric quality.

Dry cleaners also accept services for special items like leather goods or carpets. We normally just polish or vacuum these items, but they have to be deep cleaned at least once a year. Dry cleaning services in Singapore can handle that for you. They can give the items the correct deep cleaning treatment depending on their material and condition.

Of course, you can dry clean your clothes on your own. But who has the time to learn and do it right the first time? Acquiring professional drycleaning services saves you a lot of time. And more importantly, you are getting the right treatment and care for your clothes. Dry cleaning services in Singapore possess the right equipment and solution that regular households won’t have.

Top 10 Best Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Dry Cleaning Services?

Dry cleaning services, like your clothes, also need to be scrutinized for quality. Maybe some would just immediately pick the one closest to them, but you have to be careful in choosing the one that provides both the right cleaning and care. This might lead you to regret your decision because you did not go over the customer reviews and service policies. It’s always better to get the best service the first time you acquire dry cleaning services.

We understand your predicament, so we want your initial list of dry cleaner’s options to be a good one! Here are the top ten best dry cleaning services in Singapore.