Top 10 Best EV SSL Certificates in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best EV SSL Certificates in Singapore

Before we dive deep into the acquisition process of EV SSL certificates in Singapore, let us learn the basics and importance of such certificates. SSL certificates are a type of digital certificate that is used to secure your website from cyber threats like phishing, data theft, fraud, and scams.

If you are searching for EV SSL certificates in Singapore, you might get overwhelmed by the number of available options. To make the process of acquisition quick and simple, we have designed a place where you can select the best options according to your needs. Likewise, our services come at a very affordable rate so that you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget limits. Furthermore, we always have a dedicated support team on board to help you at every step of the process.

Our company has been a frontrunner in the cybersecurity ecosystem for several years. Therefore, we understand the challenges that website owners have to face while getting their site secured. Our experts have decades of expertise and hence can tailor the best solution for your needs. Most importantly, we recommend you to take expert help especially if it is your first time applying for a certificate.

Since cyber threats are far too common at present, leaving your website unsecured is a very bad decision. Likewise, companies are rushing to get the best possible rankings in search engine search results while building customer trust at the same time. Therefore, if you do not act early, expect to fall behind in the competition.


What Is EV SSL Certificates?

Before we learn about EV SSL certificates and how they differ from their counterparts, let us understand SSL certificates in general. SSL certificates are the types of digital certificates that secure websites by verifying the owner and encrypting any data that is transferred in and out of the site. EV SSL certificates are those SSL certificates that you can obtain from a certifying authority with an extended verification process. When you secure your site with such certificates, the browser marks it as ‘Secure’, and viewers can see it.

The features of an EV SSL certificate are similar to those that you get in other types of certificates. It consists of a 2048-bit digital signature, which means the keys for authentication and encryption are 2048 bits long. The resulting number is nearly impossible to crack and thus prevents illegal breaches and data theft. Likewise, these certificates work with both types of domains, www, and non-www. If you are worried about compatibility issues, these certificates support almost all of the web browsers (about 99%) in use today.

The acquisition process of EV SSL certificates in Singapore is very rigorous and time-consuming as compared to simple DV certificates. The certifying authority will closely inspect the information about your domain in the registrar’s record. Likewise, they will ask you to submit several business documents which depend on the type and size of your company. Typically, they consist of organization and domain authentication records like registration numbers, articles of incorporation, and lawyer opinions.

EV SSL certificates are typically more important for businesses and organizations that have to work with sensitive customer information. This includes social media sites, e-commerce sites containing user payment information, healthcare companies and hospitals storing thousands of electronic medical records, and government institutions. Anyone who thinks that their business operations require a higher level of security should apply for this certificate.


Why Do You Need EV SSL Certificates?

The main objective of having an EV SSL certificate is to achieve a higher level of security in your online transactions. Through strict authentication and robust encryption process, the threats of fraud, phishing, and data theft are greatly reduced. Nobody will be able to see the actual transactions taking place between the websites and their users.

Besides data protection, an EV SSL certificate provides a higher degree of trust among customers. Since it is stricter and more rigorous, customers feel a sense of safety and greater confidence in their service providers. And how will they know this? Well, if you have your website certified, web browsers will display the organization and the certifying authority’s name. Likewise, they will put a green mark inside the address bar stating a secure connection.

Furthermore, we know that customer trust is directly related to the success in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. As the online part of business gets more dominant, most of your customers will come from this channel. Moreover, modern search engines will strictly consider the security aspect of your site while ranking it in search engine results. This is in addition to different parameters like website speed, responsiveness, keyword structuring, and the content itself. If your security measures are insufficient, there is very little chance that you will be seen.

Lastly, security must be one of your topmost priorities as it is directly linked to your company’s reputation. Despite this fact, many companies try to look down on building robust security systems and hence pay a heavy price. We have all seen large companies suffer because of hacks and data leakage. To make sure you keep your hard-earned reputation for years, never ever compromise on security.

Top 10 Best EV SSL Certificates in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best EV SSL Certificates?

When you are searching for the best EV SSL certificates in Singapore, it can be a challenging task to choose the right option for you. There are several providers with different features, pricing ranges, and warranties. However, all of them adhere to the international standards and hence provide the required level of security. Furthermore, if you stick with the same provider, renewing the service can be easier.

Since you can feel overwhelmed because of the number of available options, we recommend that you consult expert help, especially if it is your first time. Likewise, extended validation requires a heavy amount of paperwork. Therefore, to save yourself from getting lost, there are hundreds of IT firms that can help you in every step of the acquisition process.