Top 10 Best International Preschools in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best International Preschools in Singapore

Some parents overlook the importance of sending their young children to school. Nevertheless, studies have shown that preschool-going children tend to perform much better in schools than those who skipped preschools. So, good on you for researching the best international preschools in Singapore for your child!

Being a parent in Singapore, you have an array of international preschools at your fingertips to pick from. But, we all know that choosing the very first educational institution for your wide-eyed child is not that simple. Every child is different, and what suits your neighbour’s child might not be the best fit for your loved one.

If you often migrate, sending your children to international schools can be an excellent way to keep up with their education. Learn more about what international preschools are and where to find a reputable school for your child below.


What Is International Preschools?

International preschools are preschools focused on internationalism for young children. These schools are catered to non-nationals of the host country. They are especially vital to migrating families who are not planning on settling down in the host country. International preschools prepare young students to enter international elementary schools later on.

Parent(s) worldwide send their children to international schools primarily due to the international curriculum. There are various types of international curriculum programmes, such as British, American, Canadian, Taiwanese, etc., to choose from. These international schools provide a fun and exciting way of learning for young children, typically aged three to four years old.


Why Do You Need International Preschools?

Preschool education is one of the earliest exposure a child has to the outside world. Here is where most children begin to learn to socialise, make friends, gain hands-on experience on work and play. Apart from that, preschools happen to be where they start becoming independent and spend time away from their parents.

Preschools help a child to foster self-regulation. As children interact with other children of their age from various races and ethnicities, they learn to manage their behaviour, attention and emotions.

Normal preschools are good, but international preschools are known for the impeccable quality that often comes accredited. Plus, most international schools are extremely thorough with the staff selection, which ensures the very best educators for your children.

Top 10 Best International Preschools in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best International Preschools?

Finding schools for your children can involve lots of time-consuming research work. There are one too many factors to consider, such as the academy’s reputation, faculty competence, extracurricular programmes and facilities, etc. Plus, there is a competitive market for education out there, which may complicate your school selection even more. Out of all these fantastic international preschools, which one would be the best fit for your child?

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. The right early childhood programme is mightily crucial as it will shape our children and how they take on the world. That said, we did our homework and compiled the top ten best international preschools in Singapore. Take a look at our list below!