Top 10 Best Laundry Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Laundry Services in Singapore

While you can always do your laundry at home, sometimes we just do not have the time to spare for it. It might be for reasons of hectic work schedules or having too many things to handle at once that you’re too tired to go about it. Acquiring laundry services in Singapore is the answer to your problem. Aside from saving you the time and effort of doing laundry yourself, acquiring professional services provides many other benefits, too.

However, this decision might also prove a challenge as there are lots of laundry services in Singapore from which you can choose from. And in this search, you have so many to consider, too. There’s proximity, budget, time, and service preference you have to weigh for every option. Fortunately for you, we outline here the top ten best laundry services in Singapore.

Choosing only from the best ten, your search for the most suitable laundry services can be easier. But don’t go start calling the nearest one to you just yet. First, research the company’s services and time, and policies and see if they are ideal for you. Here is the basic information you need to learn about laundry services to give you more ideas of what to look for.


What Is Laundry Services?

Laundry services are the provision of professional garments washing to individuals, households, and businesses. These services usually have a per-load price, with special rates for express wash and fold services and for items that need particular care. Individual clients could drop off their laundry and pick them up or ask for a delivery. Laundry services are the most convenient way for you to wash your laundry if you do not have the time and budget to buy a washing machine.

Upon dropping off your laundry, they tag and organize the clothes in color and material. Categorizing the items ensures that colored clothes don’t mix and tint the white ones and that each fabric type receives the right kind of care. The clothes are then washed in commercial washers with detergents. Afterward, they are dried, double-checked for stains, and folded, ready to be returned to you.

Unlike dry cleaning services, regular laundry services use water and detergent in cleaning your laundry. You can acquire this service for your regular clothing items because it effectively removes sweat, oils, and dirt from cotton fabrics. It’s also gentler on fabrics than regularly using the chemicals in dry cleaning services. Not everything needs to be dry pressed, and sometimes acquiring laundry services is the best choice.

Moreover, laundry companies also offer services to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, or other establishments that have a high turnover of linens, sheets, and covers. Outsourcing laundry services may be advantageous rather than having your staff do the laundry. Professional laundry services ensure the cleanliness and care for every item. It could also be more efficient and cost-saving.


Why Do You Need Laundry Services?

Doing the laundry is probably one of the most dreaded house chores for anyone living by themselves. Mostly it would be delayed until the weekend, and when the time does come, you’d rather want to enjoy some relaxing time than do it. Acquiring laundry services will relieve you of this problem. You will be ensuring that your clothes are regularly cleaned while enjoying more time for other activities.

Moreover, not everyone has a washing machine at home. And when you only have time on the weekends to do the laundry, the pile of clothes will leave you too tired to do anything else. Rather than buying a machine, it is more cost-effective to acquire laundry services. This is an affordable alternative if you are still not ready to spend money on purchases like these.

Compared to laundromats, laundry services will not make you wait a long time for machine availability and until the cycle completes. With laundry services, it’s more flexible and time-saving. You can drop off your laundry any time and pick it up according to your availability. Laundry services can work on your schedule, and some even offer to deliver it for you once it’s done.

But the most important benefit you can get from laundry services is that you get a professional cleaning. When you choose the best laundry services, you receive assurance on the cleanliness of your clothes. Stubborn stains can be frustrating, but with professional laundry services, your clothes get the right treatment without damaging the fabric. It preserves your favorite and every piece of clothing to last for years.

Top 10 Best Laundry Services in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Laundry Services?

When looking for the best laundry services in Singapore, it would be helpful to look up ratings and reviews to gauge whether their services will satisfy your preferences. Furthermore, you can also contact them directly to inquire about specifics like whether they open during the weekends or whether they deliver. You should address these concerns from the start so there would be no regrets in the future.

And to get full assurance of getting the best laundry service, choose only from the top laundry companies in Singapore. Where do you find the top laundry companies? Here are the top ten best laundry services in Singapore.