Top 10 Best Multi-domain SSL Certificates in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Multi-domain SSL Certificates in Singapore

For businesses and organizations wishing to secure multiple domains with a single certificate, multi-domain SSL certificates in Singapore are extremely important. If you are one of such businesses or organizations, getting that certificate will save you from a lot of hassles that come with maintaining multiple certificates. Most importantly, you must secure all domains, no matter their levels of importance. SSL certificates are one of the major reasons why the Internet is safe and so successful today.

Searching for the best multi-domain SSL certificates in Singapore can be tedious and time-consuming. This is especially true if you are a new website owner or an organization wishing to boost your online presence with multiple domains. This is exactly why we have set up a single place where you can search for the best certificates from multiple renowned providers all over the world. Likewise, since we are aware of budget limitations in organizations, we have made our services extremely affordable. Furthermore, our dedicated support team is the best in business and can guide you in case of any confusion.

Our world-class expertise in the cybersecurity ecosystem did not happen overnight. We have been one of the leading companies in this field for several years. Therefore, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience regarding the security needs of organizations based on their size and IT structure. Furthermore, we are aware of challenges that may arise during the acquisition process. Our experts have served multiple companies for several decades with guaranteed satisfaction, and we can promise the same style of service to you.

Cyberthreats are evolving day by day, and you should be too. Even though this is a critical issue that must be addressed with topmost priority, it is astounding that even large. Renowned companies fail to do so. The price to pay is severe, and your hard-earned reputation can take a deep nosedive in no time.


What Is Multi-domain SSL Certificates?

In general, SSL certificates are a type of digital certificate that serves mainly two purposes. First, they maintain the authenticity of the website owner. This means customers can have full trust that the website they are viewing is not a fraud. Second, they encrypt all communications and transactions taking place between the site and the viewer. Multi-domain SSL certificates can be used to secure multiple domains, unlike single domain DV, EV, EV, and wildcard certificates.

The main advantage of using a multi-domain certificate is that you don’t need to issue multiple certificates for multiple domains. This is a very cost-efficient plan, and it will also save you from a lot of acquisition hassles. The working of a multi-domain SSL certificate is something like this. Let us consider that you want to secure ten domains with a single certificate. The domain that you use to sign up during the acquisition process will be a base domain. The remaining nine domains will be SAN (Subject Alternative Names) domains.

All the multi-domain SSL certificates in Singapore come with multiple verification options. Therefore, you can have a Domain Validation (DV), Extended Validation (EV), and Organization Validation (OV) type certificate. In the case of DV, verification is quick, and the certifying authority will only inspect the domain registrar’s record. However, in the case of EV and OV type certificates, you will have to submit multiple business documents. The process might take 2 to 3 days.

The basic characteristics of multi-domain SSL certificates in Singapore are just like any other type of certificate. They feature a 2048-bit long digital signature which is used to sign all messages taking place back and forth digitally. Likewise, the encryption is 256-bit long, which means it is up to international standards. Depending on the provider, you can secure up to 250 domains with a single certificate. These domains may be www or non-www. Furthermore, they support 99% of the web browsers used in desktop and mobile platforms today.


Why Do You Need Multi-domain SSL Certificates?

The major objective of employing multi-domain SSL certificates is to protect multiple domains inside a business or an organization. With a single certificate, you can employ robust security measures like strict authentication and encryption in multiple domains. With strict authentication, the website viewers will have a strong trust that you are a genuine owner and not a fraud. Likewise, with encryption, hackers will not be able to view the communications and transactions taking place between you and your customer.

If your website is not SSL certified, web browsers will mark it as unsafe and warn users of preventing them from entering inside. In the near future, they will be able to reject loading such websites and direct users back completely. If you are looking to gain customers online, this will extremely hurt your business as customers will likely never return to unsafe websites. In contrast, a certified website will be marked as safe, and it will also display the name of your company and the certifying authority, boosting customer confidence.

On the other hand, modern search engines will rank your website lower in search results if you have employed poor security measures. This is because they are designed to provide the best, secure match in response to search queries. Companies, both large and small, are doing everything they can to get the best possible rankings. Therefore, if you compromise on security, expect to fall behind in the competition.

In conclusion, multi-domain certificates are a must-have for companies with multiple domains who want to make their online presence a success. Security measures like these are directly linked to your brand reputation, and you must do what’s necessary to protect it at all costs.

Top 10 Best Multi-domain SSL Certificates in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best Multi-domain SSL Certificates?

So, after all these talks on the importance of multi-domain SSL certificates, how do you acquire them? There are many world-renowned providers who offer multiple plans in different features and price ranges. Similarly, the number of domains you want to protect will also determine the best plan to choose. However, you can be assured that all these certificates will provide the required level of security as stated by international standards.

While searching for multi-domain SSL certificates in Singapore, we recommend that you get expert help, especially if it is your first time. They can provide you with the best options in terms of feature range, verification type, and pricing range. IT firms like ours can guide you through every step of the acquisition process so that you are saved from unnecessary hassles.