Top 10 Best Postnatal Massage in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Postnatal Massage in Singapore

Postnatal massage in Singapore is one of the major regards to postnatal care. It provides the basis to recover from the original health conditions. Also, it helps to rejuvenate the skin and maintains the glow of the face and body.

Besides, such massage prevents the damage that may occur to the uterus after giving birth to the baby, such as slipping of the uterus from the normal position, incontinence, etc. Therefore, to get rid of such problems, postnatal massage is the best option to get the health benefits of both the mother and the child.

If you are wondering about the places to get the best postnatal massage in Singapore, we’ve done plenty of research and listed the highly recommended massage centers in the following article.

We’ve considered the listing of massage centers that concerns your privacy, comfort, time, and cost. You’ll get to know about the period you should continue to get massages. Also, you’ll be informed about all the products that are used during the massage so that you won’t be allergic to them. Moreover, you can get a patch test if you aren’t sure of allergies. You can learn more about them in the article below.


What Is Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage is simply the massage given to the woman after her pregnancy. It helps to rejuvenate the physiology of the women and provides mental and physical relief that occurred from the delivery procedure. Postnatal massage in Singapore is completely different from other regular massages. It focuses on the anatomical and physiological changes that took place during the pregnancy and considers similar therapy.

Postnatal massage therapy concerns the comfort and recovery of the woman after her childbirth. This therapy has combined stretches and massage techniques that fit the specific parts of the body. The massage can also be personalized based on the requirements of the customers and the specific treatments that are as needed, for instance, to heal the sore or pain, muscle aches, back pain, etc.

The next thing is, the products that are used for the postnatal massage are of high quality as these are to be used in the woman just after her delivery. Such oils may absorb from the body to the bloodstream and might also absorb into that the produce breast milk. Therefore, the products are usually organic castor oils and coconut oils. These are highly qualitative and nutritious to the skin and help to correct stretch marks and scars.

Apart from these, balms and waxes are also popular during massages. The waxes like bees-wax are used and are more beneficial when essential oils and natural herbs are added. These combinations make the therapy intensive and healthy.


Why Do You Need Postnatal Massage?

The body undergoes a huge transformation during pregnancy. On that account, proper postnatal massage is a boon to women after their delivery. It helps to regain the body structures as before the pregnancy period and aids in the recovery of the womb by managing postpartum bleeding. Besides, it provides relief to firm and swollen breasts, prevents breast engorgement, and improves lactation. Some more benefits to adopt postnatal massage includes:


Postnatal massage helps to improve blood circulation and enables oxygen to reach all parts of tissues. This removes toxins from the body and also enhances the quality of sleep. It helps to improve the flexibility of the body. It restores energy and maintains physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Management of Pain

Many women suffer from back pain, muscle aches, cramps, and spasms during and after giving birth to a child. The special treatments given during the massage acts like magic to heal the pain. Such therapies encourage maintaining body position and posture, and light exercise helps to improve the quality of life.


Postnatal massage helps to restore your beauty. Many women, after their pregnancy, complain of gaining weight and are not satisfied with their looks and body structure. But these massages also include slimming massage that tends to tone the muscle and makes it look slimmer. Also, it helps to get rid of scars and stretch marks.

Top 10 Best Postnatal Massage in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Postnatal Massage?

There are lots of massage centers in Singapore, and if you’re wondering about the best postnatal services at an affordable price, we’ve mentioned the list of highly recommended massaging locations that assist you in getting the best package and schedule based on your requirements and budget.

Let’s take a look at them.