Top 10 Best Prenatal Massage in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Prenatal Massage in Singapore

The prenatal massage in Singapore is crucial for the health and fitness of both mummies and newborns. The beauty of motherhood comes with many pros and cons. The greatest challenges include changes in body shape and size, not being able to participate in numerous activities, physical pain, psychological disturbances, fluctuations in hormones and mood, etc. All of these may lead the mother to experience some sort of depression and loneliness.

The best solution to resolve these challenges is to opt for massaging centers. It provides the benefits of relaxation and calmness to the mother and is a great help to diminish the complexities that may occur during the birth of a child.

With the right combination of therapist and massage, you can experience the good atmosphere of being a mom during the period of pregnancy. The therapist also guides you to maintain different positions to ease the prenatal stage of pregnancy. The procedure of prenatal massage in Singapore can keep you stress-free and relieve muscle pain.


What Is Prenatal Massage?

Pregnant women experience drastic changes in the structure of their bodies as well as different psychological episodes. Prenatal massage is concerned with the specialized therapeutic workout of the body of pregnant women.

Prenatal massage has major differences as compared to that of normal ones. These are focused on the anatomical modifications of the body that occur during pregnancy. So, the therapist makes use of several techniques that aren’t detrimental to the health of the mother and newborn.

The massage during the pregnancy period strengthens the body tone and boosts the circulation in the body. It also improves fatigue and functionalities of joints and muscles and generates peace of mind. Overall, prenatal massage has all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits to mother and child.

There are varieties of prenatal massage that last about 45-60 minutes. As we all are aware of the complexities of pregnancy, it would be better to take a recommendation from a gynecologist before taking an appointment for a massage.


Why Do You Need Prenatal Massage?

Numerous research has shown that prenatal massage benefits pregnant ladies by enhancing their physical abilities and maintaining hormonal regulation. It helps to increase (serotonin, dopamine) or diminish (norepinephrine, cortisol) the level of hormones that overcomes depression and enhances the outcome of labor and health of a child. Here are some more advantages associated with prenatal massage.

Decreases Muscle Pain

The cons that come with the pros of motherhood are back pain, muscle cramps, and aches. Prenatal massage in Singapore comforts such pains and improves the muscle’s tone and movements (bending or stretching).

Better Sleep and Rest

Anatomical changes may lead to anxiety, discomfort, and disturbances in sleep. Prenatal massage is a magical therapy to soothe all the tenderness and soreness, allowing you to have a baby sleep.

Boosts Circulation

The massage given during pregnancy enhances the circulation of blood and nutrients in the body. It improves the flow of both nutrients and blood that are necessary for the growth and development of the baby as well as for the good health of the mother.

Top 10 Best Prenatal Massage in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Prenatal Massage?

When it comes to fitness and health, everyone becomes concerned. You can find a myriad of prenatal massage centers and get overwhelmed by the services offered by it. Therefore, you need to look for the distance that it takes you to reach the center not to need to wait long to reach the center and get back home. Or you can also book the prenatal massage center that provides you with home-based services. This way you can enjoy the benefits at your home itself.

Some highly recommended prenatal massage centers in Singapore are the ones we have on the list below. You can do more research and find the best centers for yourself or your wife and daughter.