Top 10 Best Social Media Provider in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Social Media Provider in Singapore

Today, having a strong online presence matters the most, whatever be the size of your business. Most companies are hiring Social media providers for developing marketing strategies to boost their business. If you want your business to prosper, you too should consider hiring a professional Social Media Provider in Singapore. Not doing so would mean driving your customers away from your competitors.

Social media providers can help your business get global recognition and expand to new markets. They help you form a connection with consumers, build brand awareness, and develop more leads and sales. As you read on, you will understand what a social media provider does and why hiring them can elevate your business to another level.


What Is Social Media Provider?

A social media provider or agency is one that knows how to get your brand visibility through social media. They are well-versed in making attractive graphic designs, content and relevant marketing strategies. They know how to attract your target audience and generate leads via different social media platforms.

As can be seen, social media is not an option, but a necessity to reach your audience, gain their trust and improve your sales. You now know how social media providers help connect with your consumers, engage with them, and grow your business. Social media marketing is the most inexpensive and effective way to give your brand international exposure.


Why Do You Need a Social Media Provider in Singapore?

First off, Singapore is known for innovation. Companies make use of technology as soon as they get a chance.

The world of social media can appear challenging to any entrepreneur, and therefore, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional Social Media Provider. Such a firm will know all the technicalities and tools related to social media and guide you with the right solutions.

You see, online marketing refers to using the internet to promote your brand and products. Companies are transitioning to online marketing because of the unlimited reach, less budget, ease of personalization, and other benefits.

On the other hand, social media is where most of the internet resides. According to stats, 3.2 billion people use social media worldwide on a daily basis. This means no matter what your sector, you will find a lot of customers if you can leverage social media in the right way. On Facebook, over 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business.

Let us look at the reasons why you need a Social Media Provider in Singapore:

1. They Know What Is Best For You

The benefit of hiring a professional firm is that they know how to derive the maximum value for your budget. They will creatively use different elements, such as images, text content, videos, and designs in social media ads to attract traffic. They know the perfect timing to post content on social media to get the attention of visitors. Agencies know the different ad formats in platforms like Facebook or Instagram and understand what will work and what will not.

2. They Help You Avoid Pitfalls

An experienced social media expert has plenty of tools that it employs to analyze campaigns, schedule posts, and do other such tasks. They will analyze your previous campaigns, identify crucial factors that led to their failure, and make changes in strategies to avoid losses and ensure success. They will keep abreast with what your competitors are doing and see that you are on par with them always.

3. You Get a Team of Skilled Experts

It would be challenging to organize a team of social media experts with your limited resources and budget. Contrarily, when you hire a professional social media company, you get a full-rounded team of experts like graphic designers, SEO specialists, or content writers who have experience working for various industries.

4. You Save on Time and Money

One great advantage of partnering with a social media agency is that you can focus on other business areas that demand your attention, like providing good quality goods and services. You do not have to spend money on building your in-house social media marketing team. Such professional agencies will also effectively promote your brand in less time, thus providing you more value for the money you invest in outsourcing.


Where Should I Find the Best Social Media Provider?

Social media platforms allow you to know your customers better and help you tailor your strategy to suit their requirements. Now that you realize how important social media is, act now and select the best social media provider in Singapore to develop your brand identity and draw more traffic.

With so many advantages social media have, the sooner you hire a Social Media Provider for your business, the better. You can refer to our listing of the top ten Social Media Providers in Singapore and make an appropriate selection.


Here are the Top 10 Best Social Media Provider in Singapore

Honestly speaking, anyone can claim that they are a social media marketing service provider. After all, all you need to do is generate or research for some content, and post on social media.

However, the real effectiveness comes from experience, and many hit and trials. A lot of research and study is required to be better at social media marketing, and tangible results are of utmost importance.

Remember, anyone can increase the number of hits on a post. Rather, we will be talking about every social media company that has proven to actually bring results. I.e., bring real sale numbers and brand influence.


Elevan August Concepts Pte Ltd

Elevan August Concepts Pte Ltd

Elevan August is another social media marketing company in Singapore. They specialize in Social Media Management and Social Media Ads but have service offerings of Google Ads, SEO, Graphic and Landing Page Design, and Google Display Network.

Elevan August is a newer company in this list, having been founded only in 2019, However, the founding team members have been in the business for quite some time and they have repeatedly proven that skills matter more than the number of years in this field. Their clients are of various sectors, including beauty and wellness, cleanliness, influencers, mobile repairs, etc. Thus, they have diverse knowledge.

The trust factor in Elevan August has been so high that the company these days sells a marketing course. And people buy it. All in all, we can say that they have shown enough expertise and the records for us to include them on the list.


OOm Pte Ltd

OOm Pte Ltd

With multiple awards and an extraordinary presence in the South East Asia region, OOm is a leading social media marketing provider in Singapore. The company was built in 2006 which makes them one of the older agencies in this list. And from the time they started until now, OOm has managed to build its branches in Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines.

OOm is an internet marketing company, and social media marketing is one of their offerings. Apart from that, they also provide SEM, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Display Ads, etc. They also provide a dedicated landing page development service.

Remember, for any type of marketing companies to be popular or recommendable, first, they have to get good results for themselves. OOm tick this box by bringing consistent results and till now, they have helped firms in the health, eCommerce, storage, food and hospitality sectors, among others.


Impossible Marketing Pte Ltd

Impossible Marketing Pte Ltd

With clients in the beauty, education, food and other sectors constantly asking them for their services and them being able to provide great results in almost every project they are on, Impossible Marketing is the next social media provider in Singapore on our list. They have been constantly getting good reviews for their skills and customer service.

Impossible SG is a one-stop internet marketing company, offering SEO, SMM, SEM, Influencer Marketing, and other services. They also have App Development, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing, under their wings.

When specifically talking about social media marketing, Impossible Sg mostly focuses on Facebook. This conclusion can be made because of the fact they offer a Facebook Marketing course. However, it won’t be practical to think that an established marketing company doesn’t know about other handles, like Twitter, Instagram, etc.


iSmart Communications Pte Ltd

iSmart Communications Pte Ltd

The first thing that iSmart Communications claim when you open their social media marketing service page is that their customers don’t need to have a large marketing budget. Well, when seeing their portfolio, we really can verify that, as they have a portfolio of firms in yoga, mobile learning, and other very specific niches.

iSmart Communications is a social media provider in Singapore that mostly focuses on Facebook. They have listed that on their website as well, making it clear that once you call the company, their priority will be to help you on Facebook as they have most of their expertise there. This could be good news for many companies, but some firms may be in doubt, especially the ones in the beauty and wellness, and fashion retail sectors, that primarily use Instagram to grow.

Anyway, you can still call them and see if they are willing to help you. If yes, the folks in iSmart Communications are one of the best out there.


MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd

MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd

Media One Marketing wants to make it clear to people that social media marketing isn’t only limited to social media networks. When you sign up for their social media marketing services, they will also help set up your company with wikis, blogs, microblogs, podcasts, photo-sharing and video sharing sites, and instant messaging. This single statement says that their services are comprehensive, and their clients second that with their reviews.

Media One Marketing gives what you want. Instead of working on a single social media, they extend their services to Facebook, Instagram, and if needed, Twitter and other sites like Pinterest. Additionally, despite their name and brand authority, Media Marketing One doesn’t charge fees that can’t be paid. They are affordable solutions, who can help you get good rankings.


Ant Team Social Media Marketing Pte Ltd

Ant Team Social Media Marketing Pte Ltd

Ant Team calls itself that because they want to replicate the way ants are small and yet work very hard. Well, they have done that for a long time.

The main selling point of the agency would be their experience- they have been marketing for more than 30 years. Of course, they started at the times when there wasn’t a lot of internets. However, being able to stay consistent for a long time and despite originally being a traditional marketing company, they could still transition into online marketing and be influential in the market.

Ant Team mainly focuses on Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, they are prolific in Reputation Management for brands. And when you combine these two, you get one of the most comprehensive and effective social media management services in Singapore.


FirstPage Digital Pte Ltd

FirstPage Digital Pte Ltd

FirstPage Digital has comprehensive social media marketing services, which covers all the popular sites including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, and WeChat. You can ask for a quote for all these different social media, and if you are not sure of which site to go for, they can offer consultancy services.

The social media marketing of FirstPage Digital is highly customizable. You can pay for specific jobs; for example, you can decide to run an ad with the help of the agency. On the other hand, you can choose if you want them to manage your brand name instead. Their experience is in beauty and wellness, agriculture (flowers), clothing, real estate, and other sectors.

FirstPage Digital again is a full-fledged Digital Marketing firm. Once you decide to take their social media marketing and you like the job, you can select other channels and services. The company offers SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, and so on.


Hashmeta Pte Ltd

Hashmeta Pte Ltd

For a digital marketing company to have branches outside its home country, the team members should be very prolific. Such is the case for Hashmeta, which is a firm that many will come across when looking for a social media provider in Singapore.

Hashmeta had such positive results in Singapore that they had to open headquarters in Indonesia and China. They do Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Gamification besides helping brands promote and sell on social media.

The agency has a lot of experience, having worked for companies in the food and hospitality, events, beauty and wellness, health, etc. sectors. Furthermore, they have case studies regarding many types of social media content on their website. This includes viral content (video), engagement posts, etc.

Top 10 Best Social Media Provider in Singapore


Next Level Singapore

Next Level Singapore

Next Level Singapore excels as a digital marketing training provider, serving diverse clients, from real estate agents to multimillion-dollar companies.

Next Level Singapore also empowers businesses and individuals through extensive digital marketing courses. Their accessible curriculum ensures easy understanding and application of strategies. They continuously refine courses to stay relevant in the ever-changing market. With a results-driven approach, learners gain practical skills to propel their businesses and careers forward.


Ingrid Design Pte Ltd

Ingrid Design Pte Ltd

Ingrid Design has been appointed to the Ministry of Communications and Information’s creative roster, securing a WOG (Whole of Government) contract and a Framework Agreement Communications Campaigns (Creative Services) contract. This recognition highlights their expertise in design, branding, marketing, and creative services.

Ingrid Design’s passionate team helps brands reach their full potential with innovative solutions, crafting impactful experiences. They prioritize quality, work swiftly, and put clients first, executing projects with dedication and brilliance.


End of List on the Top 10 Best Social Media Provider in Singapore

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