7 Mistakes to Avoid on Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning – What to Avoid During Cleaning

Following the cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer can help you to clean any kind of upholstery in a hassle-free manner. Every upholstery has its own cleaning guidelines. For instance, the method used to clean a carpet is not the same as that of the mattress, curtain or sofa.

The only issue is that most people don’t follow the simple cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer. It is why they end up having serious concerns in their cleaning and this may damage the upholsteries.

You should ensure the method used to clean the upholstery is as recommended by the manufacturer. For instance, using the wrong stain removal method for your upholstery will end causing more damage to your upholstery rather than removing stains from it. This guide is meant to educate you on some of the mistakes you need to avoid when cleaning your upholstery either at home or in the office.


Use of Inappropriate Upholstery Cleaning Methods

You have to be keen when it comes to cleaning your upholstery. Sometimes alcohol or any other drink may spill out onto your upholstery and can stick there on a permanent basis. Most people at times fail to get rid of the stain from their upholstery not because the stain is tough but as a result of ineffective cleaning methods.

This is the reason why it is important to consider the most effective method for your cleaning. Using the appropriate cleaning method will help you to remove stains in an easy way as long as you’re applying the right upholstery stain removal techniques.


Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Once you have bought an upholstery from a reputable company or shop, the seller will guide you on the recommended methods for cleaning the upholstery. Adhering to the cleaning guidelines provided, you will be in a position to keep your item in a good state. The main reason for providing these guidelines is to ensure people are well-informed about how to do it in an effective way. Neglecting the manufacturer’s instructions can lead to costly mistakes which may damage your item as well.

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Upholstery Cleaning

Hiring Cleaners Who Are Not Professional

Most people are afraid of hiring upholstery professional cleaners because they think they are very costly and tedious, but this is just a myth. In most cases, people tend to clean upholstery on their own in order to avoid the cost involved in the hiring of professional upholstery cleaners. This is not the best option because you may not be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust on the item you’re cleaning and there is a likelihood that it will remain dirty for a long period of time.

Hiring professional upholstery cleaners is the best option because they will be aware of the cleaning methods used to remove all kinds of stains as well as dirt thereby ensuring the upholstery is in good condition.


Procrastinating the Upholstery Cleaning Task

All kinds of upholstery need to be cleaned regularly in order to increase their lifespan. Failure to clean them for a long period can attract bacteria, fungi, and mold. This may result in bad smell in your residential area. This may not go well with your visitors or people who reside in your house. Unclean upholstery can also attract a different type of rodent and pests as well. This is the reason why you need to clean your upholstery on a regular basis.


Use of Excess Water for Soaking Purposes

You should avoid soaking your clothes with water when doing the work. For instance, water can get inside your sofa and it may not be easy to dry it quickly. Water is also the major cause of mold growth in most homes and particularly your furniture. Water is not recommended when it comes to cleaning the furniture. It is because it may remain in the inner parts of the furniture. Then it can damage it thereby reducing its life span.


Use of Incorrect Cleaning Tools and Products

When cleaning your upholstery, you should ensure you’re applying the right tools and products. If you’re not certain about the cleaning products and tools, then reaching out to the manufacturer is the best option. Use of wrong cleaning tools and products will only damage your upholstery.


Ignoring the Marks and Stains Caused by a Cleaning Agent

There are cleaning detergents which leave spots when you’re done with cleaning and there is a tendency to ignore them. What you have to do is try basic techniques to get rid of the remaining stain in a hassle-free manner. Availability of proper cleaning techniques ensures no spots on your upholstery leaving your item in a good and safe condition.

The discussed above are some of the mistakes people make when cleaning their upholstery. You need to understand the cleaning method used. Because to clean a particular upholstery might not be suitable for cleaning another different upholstery.

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