How Can a Woman Start a Small Business at Home in Singapore?

Awesome Ideas to Start a Small Business at Home in Singapore Today!

Working from home is a dream come true for many people today. Specially if you are a mother, and need financial independence, but cannot go out to work on account of your children, being able to work at home is a blessing. This article will give you some ideas to start a small business at home.

Most of these small businesses require little investment. You will need a computer, fast internet connectivity and a phone. Working at home basically requires some dedication, and you need some distraction free time. You can select a business that depends on your area of expertise, instead of learning a new skill and then starting one.

Here are some great ideas for you to start a small business at home in Singapore.


Interior Designer

If you have an artistic eye and can visualize the interior of a home in an aesthetic way, this option is great for you. A certification can be an added bonus but is not necessary. You have to just keep yourself updated on the latest trends so that you satisfy your clients.


Daycare Center Operator

As more and more couples are going out for work, a reliable daycare for children is a boon in Singapore. You can easily start a small business at home in daycare. If you have children, you can care for them too, alongside others. In general, a woman is preferred to give care to children, so if you are a woman in Singapore looking to start a small business at home, this is an awesome job. You may not necessarily need a license or a certification, but having either or both will help influence parents to trust you and will bring more clients.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who handles various tasks for a business or an individual. These tasks may include data entry, checking and replying to emails, scheduling, managing their blogs and social media pages. You could even be expected to handle their shopping. A good virtual assistant is an invaluable asset to the employer. Most employers need you to have a good internet connection and an office-like space at home with no disturbance.



Copywriters are in huge demand now for creating newsletters, commercials, sales copies for businesses, ads, direct mailing and many more. If you have a degree in marketing, advertising or journalism, this job is great for you. But you can do it even without these degrees. You just need to have good grammatical skills and a holdover English to be a great copywriter.

How Can a Woman Start a Small Business at Home in Singapore?



Like copywriters, editors are in huge demand too. If you are good in English and have an excellent eye to pick out minute mistakes, you can easily become an editor.


Home Baker

If you have a natural affinity for cooking and baking, you can turn your hobby into a nicely paying business. Homemade cookies, personalized cakes, and fresh bread are in high demand today. A good oven and the willingness to experiment is all you need to flourish in this business.

Singapore is one of the leading places in the world to encourage entrepreneur growth. Whether you are a native, or an immigrant, the government has made provisions for all people to enable them to start a small business. With these ideas, you can easily start a small business at home in Singapore and make good profits.