Setting Up a Cleaning Business in Singapore: Things To Know

How Can I Start Cleaning Business in Singapore?

The cleaning business is quite successful in Singapore as it considered one of the most important environmental sectors of Singapore. The government of this country takes a deep interest in maintaining a safe environment, as it promotes the well being of its citizen. Hence, for entry-level investors, setting up a cleaning business in Singapore can be a good option.

You don’t require any professional skill to begin a cleaning business in Singapore. With some fine skills, you can register a company with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

The company registration process in Singapore begins with picking a name and getting approval from ACRA. While picking a company name, it is important that you must choose an easy name which can be easily pronounced and understood. This is will help in creating the brand presence. It takes about an hour to get the name approval from ACRA.


Things to Do

  • Make a list of the services that your company is going to provide
  • Experience always matter, hence make sure to get some cleaning experience
  • Preparing a good business plan
  • Getting a business license from NEA (National Environment Agency) in Singapore
  • Obtain an insurance for all your liabilities as it can be of great help during any mishaps.
  • Make sure all your supplies are ready
  • Make a marketing plan and execute it by distributing fliers, giving newspaper ads or by creating a website and promoting it on social media.


Different Licenses

A business of cleaning services must apply for a license which is valid for one year. This license has to be renewed every year. Following is a list of requirement which must be met before applying for the license:

  • Register with ACRA while the societies must register themselves with ROC.
  • A startup company must have at least 1 employee along with 2 years of experience in cleaning work.
  • The cleaners that you have appointed must attend 1 module for EC WQS framework.
  • All the cleaning companies must submit a progressive wage plan as described by the National Environment Agency.

If a business for cleaning is established without obtaining a license, then the government will impose a fine or penalty to the offender. The companies with licenses that are guilty for breaching the license, will undergo legal action. Hence, the cleaning business must abide by all the laws set by the Singapore government.


Iron Business

You can begin an ironing business to help the business workers with their clothes. The business can be set up similar to the cleaning business. Additional requirements of the iron business are that you will need a table along with different types of iron such as steam iron, coal iron for ironing all types of clothes. You can easily expand this business by ironing all kinds of clothes such as ladies gowns, gents suit, one piece dresses apart from ironing the daily wear clothes.

Setting Up a Cleaning Business in Singapore: Things To Know



Setting up a cleaning business and iron in Singapore can be a profitable one and the challenging task of obtaining a license is quite easy. It is important for a successful business to comply with the stringent laws of Singapore. Otherwise, there will be heavy penalties with strict legal action. Always having a prior experience in cleaning can be helpful in understanding the business better.