What Do I Need to Start a Cleaning Business in Singapore

In-depth Information on Cleaning Service Business in Singapore

To open a cleaning business in Singapore, we have to analyze its scope in the market.  It is not easy to open a new business, because a lot of hard work is necessary. But, for opening a cleaning business in Singapore, it is not really hard. All you have to do is to collect information of all the steps to do this business.

Singapore is a country where cleanliness is given utmost importance. EC (Environmental cleaning) works really hard to make sure the environment is clean for the people. Keeping this in mind, the cleaning business is rather an opportunity for investors. Whoever is interested in opening a cleaning service business in Singapore, should be very positive about it, as the government is really helpful in this regard.


Fulfilling All Requirements

To open a cleaning business in the Lion City is not a hard nut to crack; all you need is the fulfill all requirements of company registration in Singapore. First of all the business should get registered with ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority) or ROS (registry of societies).

The company must have one employee who should have 2 years hand on experience in cleaning or has attended training modules offered by EC. The companies also present their wage plan according to the time shifts and experience of the workers. The business should make sure to fulfill all the legal requirements; otherwise, heavy penalties will be charges, in case of illegal operation of the business.


Making a Business Plan

After completion of all the legal requirements, one must make the business plan. This plan must cover the list of cleaning services and what departments you should specialize into. Careful marketing plan with cautious execution of the services can help the business reach its target, in an efficient way.

The marketing plan should carefully cover all the mediums through which the business should reach its consumers. Facebook pages or groups, Ads in newspapers, banners, flyers, and billboards can highlight the services which the business will offer. This way, more people will come to know about it and ask for the cleaning services, in their respective areas.

What Do I Need to Start a Cleaning Business in Singapore


Wrapping Up

In Singapore, opening a cleaning business is easy to start as the EC sector of the government is really supportive in this regard. The legal requirements are also not very difficult to attain. Therefore, make a plan which should have a good marketing plan along with excellent services. Consider it an opportunity and stop wasting time on just thinking. Complete all the registrations and implement the plan. The business will rise and shine with the passage of time and gradually expand. The cleaning service business is a really good business to come up with, as the outcome is very good with high income.