Which Kind of Small Business Can a Woman Do at Home in Singapore?

There Are a Lot of Suggestions About What Small Business can a Woman do at Home

Businesses can definitely change the economy regardless if they are big or small because there is always a perfect time to leverage the tools available. Especially if you have been thinking about what small business can a woman do at home so they can still earn without having to leave home. In addition, having your own schedule and working in your pajamas is a dream for a lot of people. Having a business at home will definitely make you fulfill that dream.

Sell Baked Goods

If you love to bake and have culinary skills, you better be getting paid for it. Your focus can be on a certain kind of baked goods like cupcakes, cookies, or other varieties. Aside from that, you might also want to offer becoming a personal chef. Another food business you can do from home is catering. If you do not like to do your own cooking, you can start food blogging and share recipes.

Life Coach to Children

It might be your 1st time to hear about this but there is really such a thing even if it is new. Parents are super busy with work demands. So, most of the time they do not have the time to teach their kids important skills such as riding a bike, peeing in the potty, or throwing a baseball. These parents end up having to hire a life coach for their child to do those for them. This type of business does not require you to have extraordinary credentials, and you will be surprised by the amount of money parents are willing to pay for to hire your services.

Direct Selling

A lot of people avoid this type of business because it is also known as MLM or network marketing because the pyramid schemes and having to sell. Firstly, while there is a need for you to look for legitimate companies, direct selling is definitely an option. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about it but you do not have to stop yourself from venturing into this business. Any money-making business involve sales. It is all about convincing others why they should go for the product and a lot of truth to back it up. You just have to look for a reputable company with great products to sell, and then make money. This can easily be done at home and the orders you receive van easily be shipped out.

Sell Your Art

Which Kind of Small Business Can a Woman Do at Home in Singapore?
Are you into drawing, designing, painting, and other forms of art? Your creations can turn into income and there are sites that help you work on it. They can handle the shipping and printing for you and all you need to do is submit your designs. You can print them on t-shirts, bags, bugs, stamps, shoes, binders, hoodies, and a lot more. This is a super cool business you can do at home and it is extremely fun. Your customers will be paying for the unique designs you create because they are not found anywhere else.

Web Designing

It has become a lot simpler and affordable for people to build and maintain websites on their own but there will always be a demand for web designers. To market yourself properly, you should understand coding and also the major platforms online like WordPress, and programming. This will give you the skills needed to build websites for your clients. Even if you do not have to know about everything, you should be aware of the major plugins and scripts that help you build websites.

Day Care at Home

If you are really house bound because of a child or other reasons, you can still earn money. If you have a friend who commutes every day to work, you can offer to watch their child for them. This is a win-win situation for you because there is no need to leave home and you can earn good money from doing this. This is also a favor for your friends because they do not have to pay the same rate as commercial day care center. If you decide to venture into this, even if it is a small one, check your state if they have strict regulations about this.

Design Consultancy

Are you a creative person and have the artistic flair to become an interior designer? This is going to become a good business in Singapore because it is Asia’s convention center where there are a lot of corporate events, business meetings, and conventions that will give you a lot of opportunities. There are also plenty of home owners who hire an interior designer to help them decorate their home. You can start small and then your satisfied customers will refer you to more people who will need your services.

Sewing and Tailoring

A lot of people do not know how to sew and wished they knew so they can make their clothes fit better. If you know how to sew, you are skilled at hemming or tailoring clothes, this skill can be your side business. Most people do not know how to operate sewing machines. You can either offer to tailor or sew their clothes for a price or you can offer classes in your home to teach them how to do it.

Pet Services

Just like children, pets are considered important family members. This is why there is an increasing need for products and services related to pet care. This includes daycare, pet sitting, grooming, dog walking, and other services for pets. If your children are at the right age, you can ask for their help with other tasks involving pets like feeding or walking dogs.

Small Event Planning Business

Not every event is complicated or big occasions needing a lot of capital, supplies, and manpower. A simple and small-scale event like a marriage proposal, official openings, solemnization, family days, or product launches are some of the services you can do. You can provide venue details, hosts, catering, and other important arrangements. This type of business can be done at home and you always friends and family who will have events, and you can start with them. Your friends and family are going to refer you to their friends and then you can build your reputation from there.

Holistic Housecleaning

People can be sensitive to chemicals and there is a growing awareness of eco-friendly cleaners. Due to this, holistic housecleaners are on the rise. Green housecleaning is in the demand now and you can hire some staff to perform housecleaning by using only cleaning products that are natural. There are a lot of housecleaners but if you tell your potential customers that you only use natural cleaning products, they will go for you.

These will answer your question on what small business can a woman do at home and when you have more time in the future, you can eventually expand. Everything takes patience, perseverance, hard work and determination. No one becomes successful by just sitting around and being unproductive.