Best Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

It would make a lot of sense if you decided to do the company bookkeeping yourself when you’re just starting. But a growing or large company brings in more responsibilities. If such is your case and you are still planning on doing the bookkeeping on your own, you’ll most likely be rushing it at the last minute and getting mistakes on every page. The best solution for you is to acquire professional bookkeeping services in Singapore.

Now you might get hesitant because you don’t know where to start looking for bookkeeping services. Or perhaps you do have an idea but have no inkling how to pick the one that best suits your business. If you are either, you are in luck because we have a beginner’s guide to choosing the right bookkeeping services for you!

This article outlines the top 10 best bookkeeping services in Singapore. We also laid down the basic information you need to know about bookkeeping services- what it is and how it will help you grow your business. We endeavour to help small to large businesses find the best deals and the ideal bookkeeping services in Singapore.


What Is Bookkeeping Services?

Bookkeeping services provide a systematic approach to developing and managing your company’s financial activities and records. Acquiring bookkeeping services means hiring a bookkeeper to track your payables and receivables and documenting the business’s financial transactions. A full-charge bookkeeper also handles the payroll, deposits, sales tax, withholding tax, bank reconciliations and creating monthly or quarterly financial reports. Good bookkeeping services ensure that these tasks are done correctly, accurately and on time.

Bookkeeping services are important because they create records that are essential in assessing the company position and performance. Once you can assess your company situation, you can then plan and strategize how to improve and maximize profit. The output of bookkeeping services are crucial in decision-making, so you have to look for a competent and experienced service provider.

Moreover, it is good if you are already using an automated system in keeping your books. If not, there are bookkeepers in Singapore who specialize in keeping digital accounting records, and they can start one for you. Automating your bookkeeping process improves the overall efficiency of your business- it’s easier to track receivables, payables, assets and expenses. Automating also makes recordkeeping and report generation much faster.


Why Do You Need Bookkeeping Services?

Every task the bookkeeping process completes is vital to the financial health of the business. If you think you cannot put in the time to handle this task, then it is advisable to hire professionals who can. This way, you can focus more on managing the business operations and entrust bookkeeping to someone knowledgeable and skilled.

There are many benefits to hiring professional bookkeeping services in Singapore. Firstly, bookkeeping services carry out and maintain a consistent process of handling receipts, payments and financial records. It creates uniformity in tracking transactions and reporting, and this translates into more organized financial activities- you’re promptly collecting receivables and paying liabilities and taxes. This consistent process improves the overall health of the company.

Secondly, if you are already struggling to meet currently maturing payables and loans, getting bookkeeping services can help you manage your financials better. You can hire a full-charge bookkeeping service and allow them to coordinate with the management personalities from other departments. Then you can develop an internal control system where significant expenditures and payments undergo necessary approvals before giving them the go signal. This organizes expenditures in order of priority and spends your free cash only on essential activities.

Hiring bookkeeping services in Singapore is more than just having someone compute and record your daily transactions. It introduces a consistent system in your financials that can increase the longevity and efficiency of your business. If you want to take advantage of the many innovative bookkeeping solutions available today, you can choose to hire a service provider with expertise in automated and online bookkeeping software. Look for bookkeeping services with the right certifications, competency and experience in handling your business type and size.

Best Bookkeeping Services in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best Bookkeeping Services?

Nobody would deny it- Singapore is a hotspot for starting and growing enterprises. What this also means is that you have lots of options when it comes to bookkeeping services. Of these hundred bookkeeping service providers, you may be daunted in choosing the best one. But don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We gathered all the top accounting services in Singapore and narrowed them down to the best ten. This way, your decision-making becomes much easier and faster. Here are the top 10 best bookkeeping services in Singapore.