Top 10 Best Company Secretary Service in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Company Secretary Service in Singapore

No one can underestimate the necessity of a company secretary service in a country like Singapore. The market is ultra-competitive. Even startups need to produce results like established firms, so they need similar resources, and manpower like the bigger enterprises have. A secretary binds together all the factors that a company needs to succeed.

The company secretary is one of the most important employees of a firm. They have one of the biggest lists of duties: circulating agendas to handling daily clerical works, and scheduling meetings. Furthermore, their roles and responsibilities vary between companies, but there is a common thing. Every company’s well-being depends on how well the secretary does their job.


What Is Company Secretary Service?

A company secretary service is a company that provides secretarial services to other companies. They have secretaries that other companies can hire to do their job. Your company can hire a company secretary service to do various jobs that need a secretary, even if you don’t have a secretary. Thus, a company secretary service is mostly useful for startups and small businesses.

A company secretary service in Singapore can help with a wide range of tasks. This can range from arranging meetings, drafting and reviewing basic agreements of the company, advice on legal compliances, etc. Owing to the number of companies in Singapore and the corporate culture, there are many such services in the country.


Why Do You Need a Company Secretary Service?

Company secretary services make running your business simple and more effective. They ensure that your company’s secretarial roles are overseen by the best professionals, so you won’t miss out on the market. Furthermore, company secretary services are more affordable than hiring full-time employees. To make everything clearer, these are the reasons you need a company secretary service in Singapore:

It is a Legal Requirement to Have a Secretary in Singapore

In case you open a private limited company in Singapore, you must hire a company secretary. The person should be at least 18 years old and a resident of Singapore. If not, you should hire a company secretary service provider based in Singapore. Moreover, the rules are strict for a person to be a company secretary in Singapore- if you don’t have a secretary, your company can’t operate.

The rules are even stringent in a public company. The secretary should be a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS) or an associate of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (SAICSA). On the other hand, a person who has been working as a secretary for three or more years can also be a secretary of a public company in Singapore.

A Company Secretary Service Helps Save Money

The above information may have given you a clue that company secretaries demand handsome salaries. It is normal as well; because a secretary is expected to do a lot of stuff. Even the average base salary of a secretary in Singapore is about S$40,027/year. Add to this the benefits and bonuses they require, which would create a situation for people to not be able to open limited companies because they can’t afford to hire a secretary.

However, it becomes possible for smaller companies and startups to operate with the help of a company secretary service. These services don’t demand salaries but rather charge minimal fees for the jobs they are required to do for you. This comes as an extra plus for very small companies that don’t have a lot of secretarial functions anyway and for whom full-time hiring secretaries is not practical in terms of the cost.

Less Hassle of Hiring a New Corporate Secretary

Even if you are new in business and already have the money to hire a corporate secretary, you can’t guarantee that you will hire the right person. The responsibilities of a secretary are critical, so you only can hire the most qualified person for the job. After all, not only do the work for your business growth, but they also have to ensure that your business follows the compliance requirements.

If you don’t have the experience, you won’t know what to look for while hiring a secretary. In other words, you won’t know what a good secretary is until you have worked with a good secretary. A secretarial service hires the best talents to give adequate services to its clients. Thus, when you take their services, you save your time which would be spent on finding the secretary. Additionally, you will also know the level of services you will need when you finally hire or train an in-house secretary.


Where Should I Find the Best Corporate Secretary Service?

As we discussed, corporate secretary services offer various benefits. However, that is only true if you hire the right one. There are several corporate secretarial services in Singapore, and only a few of them have actually been able to produce consistent results. So, you should take some time to sit back and analyze the services before deciding to hire them.

Like everything else, the internet is the best place to find the best corporate secretary service. You have to look for the reviews of various services and try to understand their skills and affordability. Furthermore, you need to look for a service with a history of satisfied clients and one with a wide range of service offerings. Well, to help you with all that, we compiled a list of the best company secretary service in Singapore.


Here are the Top 10 Best Company Secretary Service in Singapore

There are many secretarial services in Singapore. We worked with industry experts, and some business owners to discuss the best ones among them.


3E Accounting Pte Ltd

3E Accounting Pte Ltd
3E Accounting Private Limited is a leading corporate services provider in Singapore specialising in providing company secretary service. They have a team of qualified professionals capable of providing the best and highest quality services in accounting, taxation, corporate secretary service, corporate regulatory, marketing and administration support, and more. 3E Accounting provide company secretary services and corporate secretary agent support that can meet all their clients’ needs to serve its clients beyond excellence with the concept of the 3Es: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy.

3E Accounting Pte Ltd known for their modernized approach and operations that almost resemble a tech startup, 3E Accounting is arguably the most reputable Corporate Service Provider in Singapore with branches all over the world.

Being able to provide services in more than 80 countries is not a fluke, and it only happens if you showcase amazing skills in your home country. Although they do the same thing as other companies on this list, it is safe to say that they are on a level of their own.

3E Accounting presents themselves as thought leaders, which you will get an idea of when you visit their website. They have many resources and content helping companies with tips about the corporate world.

They have received national awards for their services and have even been featured in national and international newspapers. The reviews on their site and social media are excellent, and when we talked with one of their clients, they reported to us they were very happy with the customer service.

The prices are reasonable for smaller SMEs as well, and they have the best secretaries in the country. As the company and their secretaries might be primarily busy with their existing clients, do call them directly for further enquiries!

Price Range: Annual Company Secretary Service (Free AGM) – from $500
Company Name: 3E Accounting Pte Ltd
Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11, Singapore 308900
Phone Number: +65 6690 9262
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
Key Service(s): Singapore company structuring and incorporation services, tax management, legal advice, accounting and bookkeeping services, marketing, business registration, offshore company formation, licensing application, immigration, administration, compliance and business advisory support

Highlights About the Company

Greatest expertise to serve beyond excellence
3E Accounting members belong to organisations such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP). 3E Accounting has professionals with great expertise who are capable of providing exceptional services to our clients.

Most comprehensive and responsive services
3E Accounting is the first SME accounting firm in Singapore and the region to adopt robotics technology and revolutionise the Accounting and Professional Services Industries. By adapting to the emerging robotics technology, we innovate robots that save 90% of time spent on tasks and increase 3E Accounting’s productivity and efficiency to serve our clients beyond excellence. We have garnered numerous positive reviews from our satisfied customers as we provide the most comprehensive, responsive and fast service in Singapore.

Cost-saving one-stop solution for your business
For cost-conscious companies seeking to register new company corporation in Singapore, 3E Accounting is the one-stop solution for all corporate formation needs. We offer comprehensive accounting-related services that meet the highest standards for professionalism, timeliness and value. Our company provides unsurpassed expertise in all aspects of corporate formation, including accounting, taxation, secretarial, marketing.

Professional Credentials

3E Accounting has won numerous outstanding awards and gained recognition in the industry. 3E Accounting is led by accredited and experienced professionals. We are an ACRA Approved Corporate Service Provider, ACCA Approved Employer, ATO approved firm to train Chartered Accountant of Singapore under Singapore Qualification Programme (Singapore QP) by the Singapore Accountancy Commission “SAC”, and more. 3E Accounting has also won many awards, such as TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016 and Singapore’s Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network Award.


SBS Consulting Pte Ltd

SBS Consulting

Price Range: Call for info
Company Name: SBS Consulting Pte Ltd
Address: 1 North Bridge Rd, #18-03 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Phone Number: +65 6536 0036
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday – Closed
Services Offered: – Incorporation Services
– Corporate Secretarial Services
– Accounting Services
– XBRL Filing
– Corporate Tax Services
– Bookkeeping Services


Osome Pte Ltd


Company Name: Osome Pte Ltd
Phone Number: (+65) 6589 8807
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
Key Service(s): Accounting, Bookkeeping, Secretarial, Incorporation


A.1 Business Pte Ltd

Company Name: A.1 Business Pte Ltd
Address: 10 Anson Rd, #18-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone Number: +65 6653 1218
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
Services: Offering Singapore Company Incorporation / Formation, Business Registration, Company Secretarial services, Virtual Office Services, Entrepreneur Pass and Employment Pass Applications, Printing Services and Web Design Services making A.1 Business Pte Ltd a Truly 1 Stop Business Solutions Provider



Rikvin Pte Ltd


Price Range: Call for info
Company Name: Rikvin Pte Ltd
Phone Number: (+65) 6320 1888 / (+65) 8699 8821 / (+65) 8821 2425 / (+65) 8699 8826 (+65) 6438 2436
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Mon-Fri)
Key Service(s): Nominee Director Services, Company Incorporation, Immigration Services, Business Advisory & Licensing, Payroll HR Services


Piloto Asia Pte Ltd

Piloto Asia

Price Range: Call for info
Company Name: Piloto Asia Pte Ltd
Phone Number: (+65) 6422 6319
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
Key Service(s): Company Incorporation, Tax Preparation, Nominee Director Services, Subsidiary, Work Visa and Immigration


CorporateGuide Pte Ltd

CorporateGuide Pte Ltd

Company Name: CorporateGuide Pte Ltd
Address: Upper Cross St, #04-88, Singapore 051531
Phone Number: +65 6589 8660
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
Services: Trademark Filing Services, Marketing Consultation & Services, Business Line & Receptionist, Web & Email Hosting, Employment, Residency & Citizenship Application


Helmi Talib Corporate Pte Ltd

Helmi Talib Corporate Pte Ltd

Company Name: Helmi Talib Corporate Pte Ltd
Address: 133 #15-02 Cecil St, Singapore 069535
Phone Number: +65 6339 2776
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
Services: Corporate Secretarial Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping, HR & Payroll Services, Tax Advisory & Compliance

Helmi Talib Group is your classic company secretarial services provider which offers great services. With over 25 years of experience under their belt, they are sure to provide you with long-standing expert services, that is quick and efficient.

We have had a couple of reviews for the company, and they are favourable. They certainly make sure that client expectations are met, a philosophy that we can see forms the centre of their business operations. Working with them, you will receive all the benefits that we talked about earlier in this article.

This growing SME firm can also assist you in meeting a host of other compliance requirement services ranging from audit, tax, and accounting. Supported by over 50 accounting professionals, the corporate secretarial services provided by the Helmi Talib Group is one that fits everyone’s budget and requirements, which is a plus point including its good customer service. You can directly contact them through their website.


AI Accountant Pte Ltd

Company Name: AI Accountant Pte Ltd
Address: 21 Woodlands Close, #03-25. Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854
Phone Number: n/a
Email Address:
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm except on public holidays
Services: INCORPORATION SERVICES, Register a Private Limited Company, Registered Address & Virtual Office Address Services, Corporate Secretarial Services, Nominee Director Services, Company Strike-Off & Deregistration, Company Stamp & Seal Makers, Singapore Legal Services, ACCOUNTING SERVICES, Bookkeeping or Accounting Services, Compilation of Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Compliance Services, XBRL Filing Services, OTHER SERVICES, Shell Company For Sale, Shelf Company For Sale

The name specifically says that the company is an accounting company, but every other firm on this list is the same. Well, AI Accounting is another popular solution for company secretary service in Singapore. They have two ranges of services- routine and non-routine.

In their routine secretarial services, they look after the secretarial services of a company for a long time. In this case, the contracts generally last for a year or more.

On the other hand, non-routine company secretarial services consist of a one-and-off type of contract. Companies who already have secretaries can contact AI Accounting for individual jobs like Approval of Director Fees, Appointment of Auditor, Change in Bank Signatory, etc.

Well, routine or non-routine, AI Accountant has great executives on its team. Their services are beneficial for both smaller firms and bigger enterprises, as they have the resources and price plans for everyone.


End of List on the Top 10 Best Company Secretary Service in Singapore


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