Top 10 Best Private Trust Setup Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Private Trust Setup Services in Singapore

Trusts, of all types, are created to provide legal protection and planned disbursement over assets and wealth. It is one of the most prudent ways to ensure beneficiaries get what is rightfully due to them. Engaging private trust setup services in Singapore will allow you, as the settlor, to determine your wealth management. Trust administration is adaptable enough for steady and reliable asset management during a settlor’s lifetime and demise.

Singapore is a global business hub that is seeing a steady era of wealth generation. Consequently, there is a rising demand for financial instruments and vehicles that can safeguard wealth and assets. As such, the trust’s legal framework has been revised, especially with updates to the Trustees Act, etc.

Currently, trusts created in Singapore after December 2004 are capable of existing for up to a hundred years. That’s ample time for anyone to settle their wealth and provide for future generations. Trusts simply are an essential tool in any astute estate planning and wealth management strategy.

In our guide, we’ve focused on trustees that inspire trust with their professionalism and impeccable track record. We also provide you with some relevant information about private trusts to start your mission of discovery.


What Is Private Trust Setup Services?

Settlors establish private trusts to preserve, administer, or transfer their assets as desired and designated. You create the trust instrument when you execute a document in writing and legally transfer assets to the trustees. By retaining private trust setup services in Singapore, you assign your assets to trust administration.

Private trusts enable you to stipulate the terms and conditions of how you want your assets held or managed. The trustees will then legally hold or administer those assets on trust according to the stated instructions. These can include investment and wealth generation, lifelong or outright disbursement to beneficiaries, etc.

In essence, trusts are reliable and safe long-term legal arrangements of financial affairs. Private trust services are an ideal solution where business interests are inherited by the next in line. It enables a proper administration of shareholding, thereby avoiding possible family conflict.


Why Do You Need Private Trust Setup Services?

In Singapore, trusts do not require formal registration and are a great way to ensure continuity in inheritance management. Further, there is no imposition of estate duty, capital gains tax, etc. Private trust setup services in Singapore are among the most popular ways to secure and transfer your wealth.

Private trust setup services also ensure that intestacy does not become an issue. This may happen if you decide to simply leave a will, open to challenges in court. Further, the terms of a will may be public in some cases. Aside from its inherent usefulness, private trust setup services also provide discretion and privacy.

You can structure your private trust to care for beneficiaries who are minors or mentally or physically incapable. Private trusts can also provide protection from creditors in certain circumstances. It’s simply a sensible recourse as it ensures the best possible protection for your assets and beneficiaries’ interests.

Top 10 Best Private Trust Setup Services in Singapore


Where Should I Find the Best Private Trust Setup Services?

You can set your fears and doubts aside if you find yourself in need of private trust setup services. Our top ten list features the most capable and professional names in the industry. From comprehensive packages to innovative solutions, there’s something to suit every budget and condition imaginable.