How to Start a Home-Based Content Writing Business in Singapore

Properly Knowing How to Start a Home-Based Content Writing Business in Singapore

You will find a lot of content on the internet on how a freelance writing career is great and they make it seem easy. If you think that it is just about finding an agency, taking gigs, and signing up to sites where you bid on work, and just sit anywhere, you are wrong. There is more to it and you should be prepared to do the work required. A lot of people think it is easy to start a home-based content writing business but it takes a lot of effort too.

The Skills Required

How to Start a Home-Based Content Writing Business in SingaporeSurprisingly, you do not need a journalism degree or English to start a home-based content writing business, and you do not even need a lot of writing experience. You just need to have writers who have good grammar, editing and research skills, and knowledgeable in writing styles. As the owner of the business, you should be able to market your business well by getting a lot of traffic.


If you succeed as a freelancer, your writer rate should be the basis of how much you will charge because that is what the market can pay for. Although, freelance writers have lesser overhead costs compared to a company, so the rate can vary depending on a lot of factors. However, charging more for profit might not be competitive. Research on how much others are charging and this information can be used to find a balance between profit and being competitive. Fees are important to making you stand out but that is not the only consideration to make.

Target Clients

You should define the kind of writing services you will offer. Do you want to provide online articles, marketing materials, or academic papers? List the topics you already know and this will tell you what kind of writers you want to work with. Aside from that, write your credentials and you can charge higher if you will be writing as well. This will also help you choose the credentials you want your writers to have. For example, if you want to provide academic papers, you might require them to have a degree or certification from the university.

Have a Good Website

It does not mean you need to be a tech nerd or hire an expensive web designer. There is WordPress and enough time to make an attractive website. You can check out the sites of other freelance writing businesses and get ideas from them. The design of your site should speak to your niche that tells about your background and portfolios of your writers.

Showcase Good Samples

The goal of your company is to increase income and you cannot attract clients if your writers cannot show impressive samples. Your writers should be willing to provide samples that clients can see if they want a specific writer to work with. Before you choose writers, you should always ask for samples and this is what you can show clients if they ask for them.

Whether you are starting alone or plan to have a pool of writers to work for you, these are very useful to your success. Content is always needed but your business will only stand out if you produce good ones.