How Difficult Is It To Run A Business From Home In Singapore?

Home Biz: How Difficult Is It To Run A Business From Home In Singapore?

Let us begin this article with the question itself, is it hard to run a business from home in Singapore? And for the answer, I will have to say, decide for yourself. Because starting a home based business is not at all hard in Singapore, but there still are some terms you will need to comply with while running a home business in the city-state.Take a look at these conditions you will need to fulfill and decide for yourself if you should be running a business from your home or should register a bigger company in Singapore.

You Can’t Disturb Your Neighbors

Make sure your home based business is nothing about playing the stereo too loud or banging on the floor which distracts the peace of the families around you. Also, your business can’t be the cause of any type of pollution. You will always have to keep the noise level down and do your business quietly.

No Fliers or TV Advertisements

Find for alternative ways to promote your home business; you can’t be sending out fliers or booking TV appointments. Also, no signboards. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media messaging services for advertising. You will need to find similar ways for promoting your home based business and make them as effective as fliers and TV ads.

Cannot Load Or Unload Things

As home based business is a term used to denote a small business, you will have to keep it that way. You should not need a warehouse or ship products. So, you can’t be moving so many items that it will require a lorry for the load.

No Employees

You can’t be hiring staff for your business. Of course, some help from other people is acceptable, but that should be unpaid. So, it is a good idea if it is only you and your family members working in the business house.

No Heavy Equipment

Just because your house has a large area doesn’t mean that you can open a factory inside and call it a home based business. So, you can’t have any big types of machinery in your house which are not intended for domestic use.

No Illegal things

This doesn’t need to be explained. You will need to make sure that what you are offering with your business is totally compliant with the law. Also, you can’t be doing some specific things such as opening a clinic, massage parlor, etc.

Registering a Home Based Business

Depending on what you want to offer through your home business, you might have to register your business. This isn’t a long process and can easily be done online. Here is a complete guide to registering a business in Singapore.

How Difficult Is It To Run A Business From Home In Singapore?


There are two schemes for home based business in Singapore. The Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme and the Home Office Scheme. The first one is used to denote general type of home business, which doesn’t require HDBs approval while Hojme oFfice Scheme is for those who want to do the administrative tasks of an approved business from their home. So, you will need to apply for a license via LicenseOne for the second one.

But make sure that depending on the service you sell on Home-Based Small Scale Business Scheme, you will need to meet the required conditions. Such as fire safety, food hygiene, e.t.c.

So, what do you think? Is it hard to start a business from home in Singapore? Let us know and have a good time.