Top 10 Best Trademark Registration Services in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Trademark Registration Services in Singapore

Every businessman aims to set their business apart from their competitors and stand out for the value they offer. One way to make sure of this is to register your brand’s trademark. But who really knows where and how to process a trademark? That’s where the trademark registration services in Singapore come in!

Firms offering trademark registration services understand the importance of owning your brand’s differentiating features. Your logo, phrase, word, and insignia are part of your brand’s identity, and you don’t want others to copy or infringe your rights to them. Once you have ensured the ownership of your brand, you can be more confident in growing your business. In today’s competitive markets, a trademark can help you effectively market your products and services.

However, trademark registration can be quite time-consuming and complicated. Trademark registration in Singapore can take 8 to 12 months to process. This time frame depends on whether there are objections or difficulties in your case. If you do not want to face this long and complex procedure, it is best to acquire trademark registration services in Singapore.

We want to make your search for the best trademark registration service straightforward and convenient. We collated and picked out the best ten trademark registration services in Singapore for you. And to help you choose from the list, below are the basic information you need to know about trademark registration services.


What Is Trademark Registration Services?

Trademark registration services are assistance provided by professional firms in a company’s application for trademark with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). The trademark registration service provider can arrange your application to the office and follow through until you receive your trademark. And if there are complications, the firm has the experience and expertise in the field to know how to push through with it. Therefore, all you have to do is provide the basic documents to them and wait until your registration is complete.

Trademark registration usually starts with identifying the classification of the products or services you wish to get a trademark for. There are 45 classes under the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). Then you need to research whether your branding is really unique or if there is someone else who already registered such a brand. This will help you identify early on if you’d be facing conflicts in your application.

Then you need to examine whether the trademark you are applying for is in accordance with Singapore Trademark Laws. If there are no objections and it follows the requirements, your application will be accepted. It will then be published in the Trademarks Journal for two months to see if there are no oppositions. Interested parties may raise oppositions for reasons of a pending or similar mark.

If there are indeed objections, there will be a hearing so both parties can raise their objections and counter-statement to resolve the issues. Once the case is resolved in your favor, the office will register the trademark under your business name and issue a registration certificate. If you acquire a trademark registration service, your agent will handle all these steps on your behalf.


Why Do You Need Trademark Registration Services?

From getting a glimpse of all the steps you would have to face to complete the trademark registration, you’d realize the benefits of hiring professionals to do the task. Not only will it make the process much faster, but it will also relieve you of the stress of facing all legal proceedings. And more importantly, you’d be applying right the first time. With trademark experts supporting you, you can modify the details of your brand before spending money on the registration with the likelihood of being rejected.

Moreover, getting a trademark can help you improve the branding and identification of your products and services. The earlier you can successfully receive your trademark certificate, the earlier you can make advertisements featuring your trademarked brand. With a distinctive brand logo, catchphrase and name, the market will remember your product or service offerings. It could be the answer to your marketing and exposure problems.

Furthermore, trademarks are good investments, as it is valid for ten years with unlimited renewals. Trademarks will protect your business from being copied. One may think this issue insubstantial, but you’d be surprised how good branding can bring success to businesses. You would not want others to take advantage of your years of efforts.

So if you’re having doubts about whether to push through with trademark registration, this is your sign. Get assistance from the best trademark registration services in Singapore and improve your chances of reaching the peak!

Top 10 Best Trademark Registration Services in Singapore

Where Should I Find the Best Trademark Registration Services?

Looking for a trademark registration service, you should consider the firm’s reputation, qualification, and client’s satisfaction. You would want someone who can give you solid advice and can help you grow your business. More importantly, look for a service provider who can flexibly with your time, budget and goals. Your trademark registration service provider will work the application under your name, so make sure that he can represent your business as you would if it were actually you who was handling the application.

We understand these needs, so we want only the most reputable and reliable trademark registration services for you!. Here are the top 10 best trademark registration agents in Singapore.