What Are Some Small Business Ideas For Housewives In Singapore?

Find Out the Different Small Business Ideas for Housewives to Give You a Head Start

Being wife has its demands compared to when you are just living alone and only have to think about yourself. If you are living in Singapore and looking for small business ideas for housewives in this city, you are choosing the right path because their government is very supportive. In addition, Singaporeans are always looking for the latest trends and innovations.

Make Money from Antiques

Old treasures can make you new money and it is a lot of fun. Go to garage sales, auctions, and also flea markets to find great buys. You will find antique toys, furniture, and other beautiful treasures. You can rent a space offered by antique cooperatives or put up booths in weekend fairs to sell the antiques you have collected. This way, you are not tied to a schedule and you can choose the days when you want to sell. You can still be a responsible wife while earning money on the side.

Pop-up Restaurant

This is definitely something you can do at home and you only need to put decorations and set up your living room to make it work. For people to know that there is a restaurant in your house, stick posters on the front windows so they will find out. Of course, you need to go through the health and safety inspections for this but it is totally worth it. When you start this kind of business, you do not have to leave home to earn money.

Tai Chi and Yoga Instructor

In the fast-paced world, parents, students and business owners are always looking for a relaxing activity after a long day. Meditation, relaxation and deep-breathing can be beneficial for them and you can teach them techniques on how to do it. You can get started by teaching at health clubs, in your city’s parks and recreation department, or all by yourself. You will be surprised at how many people are hungry for relaxation and a peace of mind.

Accessories and Custom Jewelry

What Are Some Small Business Ideas For Housewives In Singapore?

Use your talent and creativity in designing accessories and custom jewelry. Regardless if you want to work with sterling silver, recycled metals, papier-mache, or clay, there is a market for you. People like custom earrings, bracelets, pins, belt buckles, necklaces, and others. You can sell them at crafts fairs, art shows, and weekend boutiques. This is a business you can do at home while tending to the house.

Cookery Writer

If you are passionate about cooking and want to share your knowledge to other housewives who want to cook up a good meal without consuming too much time, this is for you. You can publish your cookbook through certain websites and the sales will come from there. In addition, you can advertise yourself to new potential clients telling them you wrote a cook book for housewives.

Medical Transcription

You can work as a significant member of a medical team without leaving home and that is what you want. The demands by doctors, dentists, hospitals, veterinarians and chiropractors are big and they need outside help to transcribe the medical records of patients. Getting a training in medical terminology and linguistics will keep your business healthy.

Potted Plants, Herbs and Home-grown Vegetables

Eating healthy means being into home-grown and organic vegetables, and you can make profit from this. You can buy packets of different seeds and then sell the produce for a profit. You can also take plant and herb clippings you have, grow them into separate pots and sell them. This can be done at home by putting a small garden where you can plant the seeds. People who are too busy to plant their own herbs at home will buy from you and make a lot of profit.

The small business ideas for housewives given here are easy to execute and they are very profitable. This way, you can still be very productive even if you are just at home.