How To Set Up Your First Investor Pitch in Singapore

Here Are Guidelines to Successfully Deliver Your Investor Pitch in Singapore

Let us start with a definite fact: Singapore is good for business. The market is growing and competitive, and the city-state is one of the easiest places to start a business. If you have the right idea, then you are successful. Let’s say, it is easy as that. But sometimes, there may come a situation where your mind is working into the depths and you have a firm belief that an idea will be successful, but you just don’t have enough money implement it. One way to tackle that problem is setting up an investor pitch, meaning that you could meet potential investors or customers to present your ideas, and then you could raise the needed funds. Many big companies have done this and today we help you to do the same. To help you set up an effective investor pitch in Singapore, here are the things that you should include in your slides.


Make Everything Engaging

Before starting with the presentation slides, this is the first thing to remember while setting up an investor pitch. Don’t use words just to denote some specific stuff; you will need to make your pitch persuasive. And the way to do it is that connect with the emotions of people. Let your passion out in your presentation, let the people hear your heartbeats as you explain your ideas that mean a lot to you.


Start with an Overview

This is also called the elevator pitch. First off, you should explain to the viewers a quick introduction to your business, product, and ideas. This should be short, yet it should elucidate to the people who you are and what you want to do. Make clear statements.


Describe Your Team

Tell the potential investors all about your team, about all the people who are supporting the business. Also, specify their expertize and roles. With this, you need to help the investors rest assured that their money is in the right hands.


Problems and Their Solutions

This should be the third thing you talk about. Tell them about the problems the consumers are facing in the related sector of your business. After this, explain to them how your service or products could help solve the problems. For this, you will need to make concrete statements with adequately analyzed data with the sources: avoid making any estimated comments.


Product or Services

So, this is where the people are interested. They want to know actually what they are investing in. This is a great deal, explain everything about your product and don’t hold anything back.



This means telling your investors in Singapore about your customers. People just don’t go around putting money in everything, and especially doing an investor pitch in Singapore, where there is so much competition, you will have to show that your business can boast a lot of potentials.



This is another factor which might decide your raising enough funds. Investors take the market very carefully, remember this. Make an overview of the market and explain them its current situation. Be completely frank about it and also tell them the estimates on how the market could grow in the future.


Business Model

In the investor pitch, also write about your business model. Present your schedules and everything in simple terms, how you plan on making money. Your process of making everyone rich, about how your business works, and while presenting this, try to do in a way that the viewers also feel that they are a part of your company.


Marketing Strategies

After telling people about your plans, tell the viewers about how you plan to achieve them. Prepare a marketing strategy which looks all in all very compelling, hard to say no to.

How To Set Up Your First Investor Pitch in Singapore



This is about telling the people how much money and funds you want to raise. Just keep it professional, if you have all the things enlisted above, you are already there.



Never forget to leave your contact information after doing an investor pitch. Some people need some time to think while some may change their mind in the later phases. Keep this on your mind and leave your contact such that the people can easily reach to you.

This was all for setting up your first investment pitch in Singapore. I hope this will help you.