EDBI Investment That Every Singapore SME Should Know About

EDBI Investment That Every Singapore SME Should Know About

Having a good business idea is tough, it takes a lot of thoughts and practice. Especially in Singapore, where there is a lot of competition in every field of business, it might be challenging to come up with a new idea. First, it needs to be unique and another, you should make sure that it doesn’t collide with any similar business that is already in the market. The situation is all or none, either you become rich with your business, or your company is a failure. But sometimes, situations may arise that you have all the ideas and have all the skills to let your business become a trademark, only to be stopped because of the lack of funds. To help in such a situation, one of the investments that every Singapore SME owner should know about is the EDBI investment.


The EDBI Investment: What is it all about?

The EDBI is a government-linked private investment company in Singapore. It is a venture capital investor investing in the potent startups and business which are related to the innovative sectors such as Information & Communication Technology, Emerging Technology, and Healthcare, advanced manufacturing, consumer and other select industries. The corporate itself has been working for 25 years, and it is impressive that during this time, they haven’t only helped the businesses in the city-state, but have worked with companies in many other countries and also have an office house in the USA. All to say, they only invest in the businesses that show potential to grow, both in the domestic and international market.

EDBI Investment That Every Singapore SME Should Know About


To be able to apply for the EDBI Investment, a company should fulfill the following terms.

  • The company should have an excellent management team with the perfect ideas and skillset to run the business.
  • The company should provide unique products, something that is bound to be different from everything else in the market and help solve the problems of people.
  • The company should have a business model and routines that show that they are financially scalable and can grow in the market.
  • The company should have the right vision and strategies to grow in the international market.
  • The company should be able to make the right changes at the right time. Also, they should be able to provide new technologies or should be innovative and keep up with the market when it is changing.
  • Companies that can strengthen the market bonds and help in fostering the economy of the nation.

If you think that your company can keep up with the above requirements, then you could make an application.


If you want to apply for the EDBI investment, first, compile every document that shows that you meet the requirements for the program. For this, you could make an application including the company profile and an executive summary having all the necessary information showing your business strategies, product, budget ideas and competition tactics that show that state clearly why your business is worthy of being invested into.

Well, that was all for the EDBI investment fund. I hope this article will help you.