6 Reasons Tech Graduates Should Consider a Career in Singapore

Why Tech Graduates Should Consider a Career in Singapore

Singapore has long been known for being a small country with a unique culture. In recent years, however, it’s become best known as a regional innovation hub. Today, a large portion of the country’s population is composed of technology industry workers, with many transplants from countries across the globe. Indeed, Singapore now attracts a significant proportion of top performing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals across the Asia Pacific.

Singapore is far from being the only place that appeals to STEM majors. Spots like the USA’s Silicon Valley, London, and Shanghai are just a few of the popular alternatives for young graduates eager to make their mark on the world. However, Singapore has a few other important draws that make it uniquely appealing to tech graduates:


Easy Access to the Other Global Tech Centres

Singapore’s main natural asset is its strategic geographic position on the Singapore Strait. Since its founding, Singapore has been a key component in global trade, consequently building an unbeatable regional logistics advantage. Through Singapore Changi Airport, the city-state is connected to over 140 destinations, with a flight departing the aviation hub every 80 seconds. By itself, this accessibility has made the country more attractive than other similarly high-profile tech hubs.

And unlike most other tech hubs, Singapore’s main airport is actually a pleasure to be in. The country’s planners made especially sure that visitors and locals alike have plenty of cool things to do in Changi, going the extra mile to make the airport a legitimate destination in its own right.


Uniquely Productive Environment for Tech Innovators

Singapore’s government is famous for its pro-technology initiatives, often going above and beyond just to ensure that the country has everything it needs to expand its tech leadership. International entrepreneurs are drawn by the country’s collaborative atmosphere and its robust intellectual property protections, resulting in a high density of bleeding-edge tech startups. STEM graduates who choose Singapore will no doubt find an atmosphere that stimulates their creativity.

6 Reasons Tech Graduates Should Consider a Career in Singapore

Exceptionally Hospitable for Young Graduates

Adapting to life in a new country can be extremely challenging for young graduates. Though Singapore does have a unique culture, its use of English and cosmopolitan nature do make moving less of a challenge than it could be in other countries. Additionally, Singapore leads the world in a long list of lifestyle indices, creating a uniquely safe atmosphere in which to start a tech career. Its safety, cleanliness, and efficient public services are mostly unmatched (except by a very small handful of other countries), making transitions far smoother than they would be elsewhere.


Leads the World in Several Emerging Industries

Thanks to decades of savvy policymaking, Singapore is currently a global giant in a variety of emerging industries, including biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and financial technology. The city-state’s top educational institutions and R&D-focussed businesses also enjoy very close relationships, with innovations in one tech area often transforming into advancements in others. STEM graduates who want to make a serious impact in their field will find plenty to like in Singapore.


Offers More Perks with Permanent Resident Status

Tech professionals who are sold on Singapore’s other benefits will find Singapore’s Permanent Resident (PR) status particularly enticing. Gaining the coveted PR status comes with numerous benefits, including the freedom to work for any employer without the need for work visas. Of course, getting access to social security benefits and becoming eligible for the country’s world-class healthcare system are major draws as well. Though getting PR status is quite the challenge, it’s worth considering for tech graduates who plan on staying for the long haul.


High Starting Salaries

When it comes down to it, the single biggest reason many STEM graduates choose Singapore is its close to unbeatable salaries. In the Asia Pacific Region, the only place that comes close in terms of salaries is Hong Kong at a distant second. The country’s average tech salaries are generally considered to be at the very top of the heap, matching those in top-tier tech hubs like Silicon Valley and Boston. Singapore’s high density of tech companies also works in a tech grad’s favour, further driving up salaries for STEM-related jobs. While Singapore has a relatively high cost of living, the competitive salaries offered to STEM professionals tend to more than make up for these expenses, making the country a clear choice for tech graduates seeking financial stability.


Unleash Your Tech Career Potential in Singapore

Singapore’s unique and often-imitated innovation culture provides STEM graduates with a stable foundation for career growth, allowing fresh professionals a safe way to develop at the very cutting edge of their field. Coupled with the country’s world-leading quality of life quality, both tech graduates and workplace veterans alike will find that the Lion City has ample opportunities to cultivate a productive but immensely enjoyable lifestyle.