Angel Investors Tax Deduction (AITD): Singapore SME Should Know About

The Basics of Angel Investors Tax Deduction

Investing in a business in Singapore is a good choice if you know what you are doing and for the investors, About Angel investors tax deduction in Singapore, there are many tax schemes and programs that help create even more comfort in the already convincing Singaporean business market. Among them is the Angel Investors Tax Deduction (AITD), which is for the angel investors who are willing to commit an investment of at least $100,000 to a qualifying startup. Let us look in depth what the Angel Investors Tax Deduction program is all about.


Angel Investors Tax Deduction Program (AITD): What is it? 

The Angel Investors Tax Deduction is a tax incentive which will let the approved angel investors in Singapore enjoy a tax deduction of 50% on any investments they make until the end of a two-year holding period. The eligible investments are subject to a cap of $500,000 every YA, meaning that if you are an angel investor under this program, the maximum tax that deduction is $250,000 in a Year of Assessment.



To be benefited from the program, here are the requirements for an angel investor.

  • The eligible investments are to be made individually, on a personal level. Meaning that any investment made by an organization, trust or a company is not exercised.
  • The investor should invest at least $100,000 in a qualifying business startup from within a year of the individual making his/her first investment for the company.
  • Every investment made is to be held for at least two years by the individual.
  • The investor should be experienced and have good track records, understanding, and connections in the business. For that, you will need to show that you are an experienced investor, serial entrepreneur or senior management professional. You will also need to prove that you have a deep understanding of the industry trends and standards, along with scientific knowledge and good managerial capabilities.

If you can associate with the terms, then you could move forward to make an application for the Angel Investors Tax Deduction Program (AITD):



So, if you are an angel investor meeting the above requirements, then you could make an application for the program. Here are the steps for it.


Things You Will Need 

Before you proceed to the application, here are the things you will need before making an appeal for the AITD.

  • Your resume or a curriculum vitae where you have stated clearly your experience and skills.
  • Investment track record containing all the information of the significant investments you have made previously.
  • Every other form or document showcasing your expertise or records in the field of investment.


Angel Investors Tax Deduction (AITD): Singapore SME Should Know About


The Application Form 

First off, download the application form from this link. After you fill the form, you will need to compile all of the documents that we mentioned earlier and the form itself and then send it to the address given below.

AITD Administrator
Startup & Global Innovation Alliance Division
Enterprise Singapore
1 Fusionopolis Walk
#01-02 South Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628

Hence, this was all for the scheme. We are glad if it helped you and also wish you the best of luck for the investments you make.