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Buildables Pte Ltd – Trail Blazer’s for Value Engineered Systems in Singapore

Venturing into the industry with the philosophy that there is always a better solution waiting to be discovered, Buildables is not a commodity mover but a solution provider. It is a trusted, certified and well-reputed drywall and ceiling specialist in Singapore.

The company is driven by the passion to design and innovate high quality, functional, aesthetically-appealing and value-adding moisture & impact resistant engineering systems for enhanced indoor air quality in homes and offices, promoting healthy living.

End-to-end Services with Full Satisfaction
Buildables - Value Engineered SystemsLaunched in July 2003 by the brand name Alltrust, Buildables Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company dedicated to providing residential and commercial owners with the highest quality of internal and external dry and wet area products and solutions at competitive prices. From consultation to solution design, support and delivery services, Buildables provide clients end-to-end services with full satisfaction. The company is also the authorised dealer for the leading industry brands including Saint-Gobain Gyproc, James Hardie, Aquapanel, Rockwool Asia, Armstrong and EDMA.

Singapore’s First Residential Drywall System
Striving for innovation in value engineering systems, the company was instrumental for designing and developing Singapore’s first residential drywall system. This system was built in 2005, 2 years after the company’s inception. It was a three-in-one impact drywall system that was impact tested to severe duty, was 1-hour fire-rated and also moisture resistant. The system was piloted at CDL’s 1st Eco Condo and the Savannah Condopark and bagged Green Mark Gold, Best Buildable Design and Construction Excellence Awards.

It served as a milestone and stepping stone for the company, motivating the Buildables team to achieve more, and setting them on the path to success.

In addition to this, the company also assisted Singapore authorities, builders, developers and specifiers to meet the industry standards for over a decade which led the company to set high-safety standards, generate impressive cost-savings, introduce better planning and moreover, streamline project management through well-thought out system solutions.

Taking the Lead and Staying Ahead of Competition
Serving the industry for more than 13 years now, Buildables Pte Ltd has come a long way. From changing its brand image to streamlining its focus of action, the Managing Director of Buildables, Christine Ooi knew it would not be easy and simple to take the lead and stay ahead of the competition if the company did not evolve, grow and strategise with time.

Christine began her professional journey in the hospitality industry from 1992 to 1999. In 2000, she joined Boral Plasterboard as a Training and Development Executive and served the company for 2 years. However, in 2003, she joined Alltrust Pte Ltd.

Associated with the company since the time Buildables laid its foundation, Christine was successfully promoted from sales manager in 2009, to the managing director position based on her attributes like diligence and perseverance, and more importantly, her commitment towards the organization.

Keri Russell’s quote stands true, “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” as once Christine decided to change her career path; she became the most sought drywall consultant in the Singapore market.

Leveraging on her experience, expertise and industry knowledge, Christine Ooi could foresee that the construction industry of Singapore would eventually have to evolve and break-free from the traditional masonry methods of building to more environmentally friendly, green, light and fast building systems that would provide clients with better value and a higher level of finish.

To adopt this ideology and with the philosophy to provide clients with better solutions each time, the company rebranded itself by changing its name from Alltrust to Buildables. For further market expansion and growth in the local market, the company partnered with leading industry players like Jamie Hardie and Saint-Gobain Gyproc to support innovation.

Company’s Most Valuable Asset – People
Buildables - Value Engineered SystemsIn addition to this, Buildables Pte Ltd knew that people are a company’s most valuable asset. The company implemented an employee focused approach, encouraging its people to become technically competent innovators. It created an open and communicative environment, making it much easier for team members to collaborate and communicate innovative ideas. With this, employees are also better at advising clients and taking them to the next level.

Buildables has taken significant steps for the welfare of its workers to provide its dedicated staff with a safe work environment. This has been certified by CultureSafe and awarded BizSafe Level 4 accolade.

The company credits its growth to its socially responsible acts as well. Buildables support the Yellow Project Program of the government that provides ex-convicts a chance to build their lives once again.

Over the years, Buildables Pte Ltd has become the epitome of the industry. The company has truly set new industry standards and successfully revolutionised the conventional masonry building methods to value engineering systems.

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