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Tan Min Tie Motors – Customised One-Stop Car Repair Services that Economise to Client’s Needs

Tan Min Tie Motors specialised in Car Repair Services. The company has a rich and long history of providing customised one-stop solution which never fails to economise to their clients’ needs. They are proud of their achievements and how their endeavour has obtained clients’ satisfaction in the past years.

Tan Min Tie Motors - Car Repair ServicesHow It Started
Attending school was a luxury in the war-torn 40s when Singapore was then occupied by the Japanese. Tan Min Tie, born in 1943, was in no more than primary two when his parents decided that being equipped with a trade skill was far more practical and beneficial.

And so, a nine-year old Ah Tee (nicknamed by many, even until today) was withdrawn from an academic education to be fast-tracked for an education at the University of Hard Knocks under an auto repair apprenticeship, trained by a harsh master.

His Work Became His Entire Life
Relying on his iron will and, he bided his time patiently to learn the ropes of auto repair, trusting that he would one day emerge from the darkness to see light. The ESSO petrol kiosk with a small section for auto repair/servicing at Frankel Avenue was to then become Ah Tee’s second home where he endured dirt and grime and a hard taskmaster, slogging for long hours. He had little, if any, recreation and leisure time. His work became his entire life. Indeed, it was the only thing he did all day and sometimes late into the night.

Ah Tee’s industry meant being ever-present at the auto repair workshop where he got acquainted with many towkays from all trades. They were satisfied with Ah Tee’s auto repair skills enough to entrust their cars in his hands. Happy with Ah Tee’s exemplary service attitude, many towkays were also happy to share their knowledge and advice with him. He learnt much about other areas from these towkays from their regular conversations.

Tan Min Tie Motors - Car Repair ServicesGoing The Extra Mile To Accommodate Clients’ Requests
Ah Tee had always believed in giving of the best he possibly could in all things he did, including going the extra mile to accommodate as many of his customers’ sometimes inconvenient requests, even if they sometimes involved costs and budgets. Ah Tee’s connections in high places and knowledge in many fields soon made him the favourite Go-to person among his circle of friends.

Taking Over The Workshop Business
Nine years passed and Ah Tee was asked if he would like to take over the auto repair/ service workshop business by his master. Ah Tee turned to his mother for a loan of the required $28. Successfully negotiated, Ah Tee became his own boss of the auto repair business as a sole proprietor, Tan Min Tie Motors was born.

Top 10 Car Workshops
Ah Tee successfully sourced for his own place in Eunos on 20 April 1979 when ESSO no longer allow car repairs/servicing on their premises. Ah Tee continuously enhance his own mechanical skills, and learn business management on his own. He actively got involved with Esso, an engine oil supplier, in cooperation in activities like training programmes and competition etc to consistently upgrade his car workshop and business skills. In the late 90s’, Ah Tee was awarded Top 10 Car Workshops in Singapore with record sales in engine oil.

60 Long Years of Selfless Dedicated Service
He always had his feet firmly on the ground and had never forgotten his humble beginnings. Ah Tee employed youngsters desiring to learn auto repair to impart his skills and experience. His sincerity and selflessness in grooming the younger generation was evidenced in the way he had always encouraged and counselled his workers to learn and develop their skills as much as they could, even with the knowledge that they could fly the roost to even become trade competitors one day.

Among Ah Tee’s customers are but not limited to People’s Association, PSA, PSA Marine. Ah Tee’s pride is in 60 long years of selfless dedicated service. As nominated from customers, they have successfully clinched SME of the Year 2014 Award, Singapore Prestige Class Awards 2014-2015 and Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2015 Award. It is a shining example of how one can become successful despite the limited circumstances one may be provided with in life.

The spirit of Ah Tee loving to challenge life’s adversity and never yielding to one’s circumstances are invaluable lessons in life everyone can all take a leaf from.

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