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Primarius Staffing – Focused at Redefining the Part-Time Employment Market with a Difference

A leading Singaporean based company, Primarius Staffing was initially launched to redefine the part-time employment market with a difference. And that difference was to help youngsters and elderly alike, find part-time jobs so that they can add value to the economy of the country.

Develop Cognitive Skills and Gain Professional Experience
The think tank behind Primarius Staffing thought this unique approach could truly boost the economy as more individuals would be working in their own capacity. Primarius Staffing wanted to utilise both young and senior labour in the best possible way by finding them recruitment that helped youngsters develop cognitive skills and gain hands-on professional experience by interacting with experienced professionals before they stepped into the mainstream as full-time employees.

On the other hand, the company wanted to provide good recruitment opportunities for senior citizens who were talented and had the ability to work, but were retired. They made sure that the elderly no longer had to squander away their precious time in seeking and planning an active career path.

Providing Youngsters and Elderly Recruitment Opportunities
The company focused at providing youngsters and elderly part-time recruitment opportunities in hotels and SME companies instead of full-time ones so that youngsters didn’t have to compromise on their studies and elderly didn’t get overworked. The company made sure that the timings were flexible and they enjoyed their work.

Unique and Professional Approach
Primarius StaffingEstablished in 2014, with a mission to foster growth of the part-time employment market with unique strategies, Primarius Staffing is the first subsidiary of Primarius Search Consultancy. The company is licensed as a NEA certified cleaning company under the NEA licence Number (NEA150019/1395D/N01) and is the brainchild of Kyle.

In a short span of time, the company has built a strong market reputation based on its quality services, unique and professional approach that not only bridges the gap between employer and employee but also provides win-win possibilities to individuals on both ends.

Primarius Staffing is dedicated to providing hotels and SME companies with quick staffing services to help them overcome lack of manpower related problems effectively and in the fastest time. The company specialises in casual labour employment and provides all the HR related job scope like payroll, CPF contribution and insurance policy.

What truly makes Primarius Staffing a top choice among job seekers and employers is the fact that the company is focused towards helping employers find the best people and job seekers find the best part-time employment opportunities!

Overcoming Overly Aggressive Competition
Primarius StaffingAll the success the company has managed to achieved in over 2 years time period is worthy of appreciation. However, the truth of the matter is that it has not been easy or simple for Primarius Staffing to come this far!

On the journey to success, the company had to face its share of problems and challenges. Two of the big challenges the company had to tackle, and managed to surmount were overly aggressive competition.

Kyle couldn’t have done it alone if it weren’t for the dedicated staff members who shared the same values and passion. Leveraging on team management, strategic marketing, planning and leadership skills, Kyle set out on the road to success with the team at Primarius Staffing.

Knowing that competition was inevitable, the team conceived and implemented effective and well-rounded marketing strategies to attract and retain clients as well as their loyal staff.

Kyle made sure that their working procedures and staff members all followed and complied with the government rules. They remained abreast with the changes and updates from the government. This helped the team to operate in conformity with the government’s rules.

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