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GL Consultancy & Services as Industry Leaders in the Food Sector

Due to the stringent requirements, getting all the approvals and authorisations can be challenging in the food management industry. And to solve this problem, GL Consultancy & Services has been facilitating compliance and proper project management. As project consultants, Linda Goh, Michelle Pang, and Tan Siew Yen have helped multiple businesses in the sector.

Most industries in the manufacturing arena require numerous approvals and licences before commencing business. Compliance is strict as the outcomes affect the health and safety of the consumers. GL Consultancy & Services addresses these pain points by applying efficient project management principles toward agile outcomes. It is an area that the founding members specialise in, continuing as a catalyst for the company’s award-winning accomplishments.

GL Consultancy & Services

From Engineering to Food Manufacturing

As a contemporary success story, GL Consultancy & Services has its roots right at the start of the millennium. GL Consultancy & Services and GL Consulting Pte Ltd were incorporated in 2001 and 2010, respectively. In 2019, GL&T Consultancy Pte Ltd came into being, and collectively, they offer comprehensive professional consultancy services.

Their one-stop, highly professional consulting and solution services cover food and non-food industries. These include implementing ISO and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Systems and audits. GL Consultancy & Services also provides in-house training, factory design and layouts, hygiene inspection and ERPs (Emergency Response Plans).

Their specialisation extends to the engineering industry as they also offer commercial and non-commercial professional engineering services. Their services include risk assessment, mechanical layouts, and project management services. GL Consultancy & Services can also assist in submitting factory layouts for approval and grant applications from Singapore government agencies.

GL Consultancy & Services

The Standard of Industry Leaders

GL Consultancy & Services is your ideal destination if you’re looking for a one-stop, comprehensive service provider. With 20 years of experience, they offer professional services in the demanding food manufacturing industry. Their expertise also extends to commercial, industrial, and residential professional building services.

Professionalism and successful project completion will be the norm with GL Consultancy & Services onboard. They have the distinction of corporate membership of HACCP, and all consultants have PMC (Practice Management Consultant) certification. The company is also Food Safety Consultants of the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST).

The company has completed more than nine thousand successful projects and won various industry awards. These accomplishments are the foundation of their unique success story as they continue to be industry leaders.

GL Consultancy & Services

A Success Story for Generations

Any savvy entrepreneur always values the expertise that only professionals can provide. GL Consultancy & Services specialises in helping entrepreneurs create their own success stories. The journey from ideation to doing business becomes seamless when working with the certified consultants from the company.

Their proven track record as food management industry specialists is all the recommendation anyone needs. So go ahead and tick the box on your entrepreneurial journey to success with GL Consultancy & Services.


GL Consultancy & Services

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