External Facade Cleaning Services in Singapore

A Definitive Guide to External Facade Cleaning Services in Singapore

An aesthetically pleasing building reflects the proper management of your business. It tells that you care about your brand identity. In other words, your building’s appearance significantly affects your business and client relationships, and this is why you need external facade cleaning services.

What Are External Facade Cleaning Services?

A building facade cleaning service cleans the exterior of a building. They ensure that the building exterior is free from any kinds of germs, pollutants, dirt, and other disease-carrying disease-carrying agents and moss. Some facade cleaning services also offer additional building management services, including leakage control, painting, plumbing, and even electrical supervision and drainage.

Why Do You Need External Facade Cleaning Services?

Building facade cleaning services have various importance, especially in a country like Singapore, filled with skyscrapers and tall buildings. Here is why you need to hire facade cleaning services:

A Clean Building

The apparent reason for hiring a facade cleaning service provider is a clean building. No one wants to have a dirty building, and no one wants to work in one. Thus, building facade cleaning services ensure your facility’s exterior always shines when people look at it, and this is a very important reason to hire them.


Facade cleaning involves working at heights, which is scary and risky for people who don’t have experience with any kind of safety. At the same time, security concerns are one of the reasons owners don’t clean their buildings. Facade cleaning services use heavily monitored safety equipment and offer their employees insurance, so you don’t need to worry about safety for a clean building.

Free From Diseases and Foul Smell

It is no news that dirty parts of a building are home to various germs, dirt, and allergens. Also, a dirty building can sometimes give out a foul smell, which can be extremely annoying to not only the people inside the building but also to others walking on the street.

Building facade cleaning services have various tricks to remove every kind of germs and allergens. They employ many techniques such as pressure cleaning, soaking, etc., to make sure no one becomes ill or has to close their nose.

External Facade Cleaning Services in Singapore

A Better Brand Standing

How many times have you been impressed by a company’s building? Just like how a good structure helps clients and prospects respect you more, a dirty exterior will make them perceive you negatively. After all, it can make people question the management. If you aren’t able to take care of your own assets, how are you supposed to help others with their concerns?

Avoiding Further Damages to the Building

Cleaning a building allows its pores to open up. It will wash away any kind of lurking agents that can be harmful to the building material in the long term. Furthermore, professional facade cleaning services employ suitable types of cleaning methods for the right kind of materials. For example, a concrete facade may be cleaned and maintained by coating, painting, and hydrophobing.

Saving Money

The final reason you need to hire facade cleaning services is to save money. It is true that cleaning your building can require investments, but in the long term, the savings will be more than the expenditure. You see, accumulating grime can damage the structure. Not to forget the damages done to your brand identity. All these will be avoided by external facade cleaning services.

Recommended External Facade Cleaning Services Provider in Singapore

Looking to clean your building? B2S Specialist is the recommended facade cleaning services provider in Singapore. The company consists of highly experienced and adequately trained employees who have been cleaning Singapore’s buildings for years. Furthermore, the company has many favourable reviews and also works with rope access; giving the workers more mobility and thus, more efficiency with the job.

B2S Specialist Pte Ltd
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