Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

Leaders in Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country where majestic skylines compete with architectural marvels – all of which require cleaning and maintenance. For those scaffolding-free, hard-to-reach places, reliable fall arrest systems are vital. Technicians and engineers working with rope access systems rely heavily on the safety of load-bearing ropes with secure points. That’s why anchor point installation & load testing services are a priority through which only the best equipment will be chosen to use.

Safety protocols are stringent, and certification is paramount, with strict adherence to industry standards. Obviously, it’s an arena where mistakes or subpar service can be fatal – there is no tolerance for second best. That B2S Specialist enjoys pole position regarding this is a clear reflection of their commitment and dedication to the business.

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

What are Anchor Point Installations & Load Testing Services?

In any rope access or descent system, safety and service protocols are top priorities. A fall arrest system works to prevent injury to rope users in the event of a fall. These systems are literally lifelines when it comes to building maintenance, façade access, abseiling, suspended work platforms, etc.

A vital point of this system is the anchor point with anchoring devices that connect to support locations. The roof is usually the installation site of anchor points. These then act as connectors for lanyards and ropes to harnesses worn by workmen. The general rule is that each anchor point must be able to tolerate

  • Five thousand pounds of force per person attached, or
  • A safety factor of two, i.e., two times the load of that anchor point of any fall that occurs.

As such, anchor points need proper installation and testing of load-bearing stress. It must be strong enough to support the rope user. Load testing is a method that generally gauges the efficacy ratios of fall protection anchorages. It also validates the quality of the anchorages while exposing significant defects that may exist in the installation itself.

Hence, such rope or fall arrest systems require reliable anchor point installation & load testing services. They provide both peace of mind as well as safety measures that workers can rely on. Professional companies such as B2S Specialist have the training and qualification to deliver to the industry standards.

Why Do You Need Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services?

Any fall protection system is only as good as its latest safety assurance and check. That includes periodically inspecting, testing, and servicing the system by reliable professionals. It’s the only acceptable way to ensure the safety and confidence of people working on-site.

The benefits of proper installation and regular testing services far outweigh the costs or inconvenience of it. Having proper installation as well as regular load testing will ensure that any fall arrest system:

  • Offers reliable protection and safety for rope technicians, engineers, and on-site workers.
  • Works as a preventive measure against potential accidents.
  • Offers the best return on investment (ROI).

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

Certifications Required By Service Providers

Companies that carry out or offer anchor point installation & load testing services require proper certification. B2S Specialist is one of the few companies in Singapore that meet these stringent industry standards

Core personnel and supervisors in B2S Specialist all have IRATA Recognition and Certification. IRATA or the International Rope Access Trade Association is the global standard in ensuring safe working environments. The qualifying criteria under the IRATA training system are both demanding and rigorous. IRATA membership, certification, training, and qualification is an international guarantee on rope access methodology and operations.

Recommended Singapore Provider for Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services

B2S Specialist are high-flying, professional rope access technicians, installation and testing service providers. The specifics of their testing protocol meet and adhere to world-class standards. Aside from anchor point installation & load testing services, B2S Specialist services include the following:

  •  Rope Access Services
  •  Installation of structure and Pipeline Systems
  •  Landscaping and Building Maintenance Services
  •  Cleaning Services

Singapore also has a strict code of conduct and practice when it comes to industrial activities. The Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH) lists a Code of Practice while working from heights. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also has a useful site on Workplace Safety and Health Act. These highlight the continuing and essential need for testing and maintenance of all equipment and certification of service providers.

Anchor Point Installation & Load Testing Services in Singapore

B2S Specialist adhere to all Government regulations and code of practice guidelines from the Singapore Standards Council. Their work policies implement methodologies that include fall prevention plans, risk assessment and safe workplace practices. Get in touch with B2S Specialist today to work with professionals of an international calibre.

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