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Grand 8 Services Pte Ltd Providing Quality and Affordable Aircon Servicing in Singapore

For some companies, the goal is much bigger than just making profits. They’re genuinely committed to making people’s lives better, and in the end, they’re the ones that stand on the podium of success. And one such firm is Grand 8 Services Pte Ltd., a leading aircon services provider to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Singapore.

The Love of Air Conditioners: Much More than Just Cool Air
Grand 8 Services - Affordable Aircon Servicing in SingaporeFor a large part of the population, air conditioners are appliances that make the cold air warm and vice versa. Of course, we can’t take anything out of the usefulness of these machines, however, as it turns out, for some individuals, they can even be a matter of good or bad health.

For example, take one of the co-founders of Grand 8. He’s had a nose allergy almost all of his life. Every time the air quality in his surrounding is bad, his allergies start acting up, sometimes making it very difficult to breathe. In the past, this continued even when he had an air conditioner in his home which he had been servicing regularly.

Being an engineer by profession, he knew that one of the tasks of an air conditioner was to filter out the polluted air from the room. Hence, it didn’t really take a lot of time for him to conclude that the air conditioner in his home may not be performing to its fullest. And when he changed service professionals, he could finally breathe in comfort inside his own home.

A Business Idea that Emerged from a Problem Solving Experience
Once his problem was solved, the co-founder realized the existence of a long-lasting problem. Air conditioners are such a specific tech, and there are very few maintenance professionals that it is difficult for people to assure that their air conditioners’ servicing contractors are truly skillful.

Thus, he called his friends, and after some research, they found that they would be able to build a successful business by helping people get access to the finest air conditioner servicing contractors in the market. They spent most of their time testing and hiring great Aircon maintenance experts, and now after a long time, they’ve turned themselves into one of the most trusted aircon servicing providers in the country.

 Grand 8 Services - Affordable Aircon Servicing in Singapore


Trusted By Clients of All Kinds
With their impeccable skills and customer service, the word didn’t take much time to spread. The company, which was first built to provide for residential customers, is now trusted by small and big enterprises and even industrial clients.

According to the owners, the success of Grand 8 Services Pte Ltd is just more than good services. With them thinking less about profits and more about serving, their prices are very affordable compared to the services of the same quality. Hence, they’ve been able to get a lot of clients, allowing them to still keep up with the financial books, even with the modest prices.

Future Plan
For the founders and the team members, the future plan, for now, is to keep continuing the high-quality services they’ve been giving until now. They’re committed to learning the latest know-how of air conditioner maintenance and to keep up with the trends so that they can continue their good work even with the newest air conditioner technologies.

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