The 7 Step Guide to Starting a Freelance Writing Business in Singapore

Guide to Starting a Freelance Writing Business in Singapore

Being a freelance writer can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. There are so many options, and you are bombarded with all sorts of information when you are starting out, leaving you confused.

Freelance writing is a good choice to make, especially if you are looking to work for flexible hours from the comfort of your home. But the competition is very high for lucrative niches and it is ultimately a very solitary job. But you must not get discouraged by the negatives, because once you are set, it is a good way to earn money.

You need to take each of the following steps one by one so that your business launches and moves in the right direction. As you go forward, you will begin to gain momentum and start making good profits in Singapore.


Select Three Niche Topics

First things first. You need to know which topics attract you most, and on which you can write fluently. Knowing which topic you can write for significantly reduces your search time on freelance work sites, where hundreds of job listings are posted every day.


Create a Free WordPress Blog Site

WordPress offers you the easiest way to create a blog. In a matter of few minutes, you can create a free blog site and start writing right away about the topic you want to. A simple 300-500 word post will be absolutely fine. Do not worry about making it appear professional, that will come with practice. The key is to start writing.


Find Blogs that Pay for Posts

Many sites pay for guest post submissions. Look out for them. You will also know which niches are profitable through this exercise. Pitch your writings and get them published. Once published, these posts serve as a part of your portfolio and you can use them to secure more work.


Visit Job Boards

Hundreds of jobs are listed every day on job boards. Lots of businesses actively looking for freelancers. You could search out what works for you. Bookmark those and pitch your work to them. You might just land a plum job.


Look for Local Clients

A simple Google search for local businesses in your area will yield huge results. You can go through the list and find which businesses you could write for. They could be in your favorite niches or ones managing professional sites.

The 7 Step Guide to Starting a Freelance Writing Business in Singapore


Email the Local Businesses

This is the next step. Email those on your list and ask them if they would like you to write for their business on a freelance basis. Keep finding new businesses and email them every week. Many business owners are more than happy for someone to promote them through a blog. Keep the list of your published works handy and keep your rate in mind. You can easily bag a client in some days.


Ask on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for finding potential clients. Make a public post saying that you are a freelance writer and wish to connect with someone who wants to avail your services. Many times, people you know, or people they know might just be in need of a freelance writer. You need not post anything fancy, just go ahead and ask. If nothing, at least people will know what you do and that’s a start.

That’s it! Follow these simple steps and you can become a freelance writer earning great. Hope this guide to starting a freelance writing business in Singapore helps you start out and make a name for yourself as a writer.