How to Start an Ironing Service Business in Singapore

Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Ironing Services Business in Singapore

Every day is a busy day for most people. For the working class, ironing clothes take a lot of their time and may cause delay or being late to their appointments or work. Also, ironing clothes is one of the most hated house chores of most people. Thus, people tend to rush in these chores, which resulted in not-so-good results.

We know that people need to wash their clothes at their preferred time. However, due to hectic schedules and full loads of plans, they tend to forget to clean their clothes properly. With that, laundry and ironing services became a famous and essential business in Singapore. This business is easy to access and confidently profitable.

The ironing service business in Singapore not just helps customers to finish their ironing assignments but also ensures health and well-being. Ironing may be a time-consuming household chore, but it serves a lot of benefits for our well-being. These benefits include killing germs, removing bad smells, and avoiding shrinking clothes. Moreover, ironing our clothes gives some amount of confidence because we look presentable wearing them.

In that case, the ironing service business reaches out to our satisfaction while making it accessible to everyone. The service also ensures the quality satisfaction of customers. Hence, if you are seeking ideas for a new business or busy people who want to see the best ironing services, better look for those ironing services in Singapore.


What Is an Ironing Service Business?

Ironing services in Singapore became popular and can classify as an essential service to other people. This service is famous as a home-based type and helps customers and as a business with zero or small start-up cost. This type of business is commonly seen in condominiums or apartments. This business includes ironing and maintaining the good shape of the clothes.

This service is popular in busy places such as business capital in a certain country. Thus, it is a great opportunity spot for those who wish to start up a business but do not have any idea what business venture they must engage with. Ironing services involve development on resolving essential problems that are far from foods. This service tends to help busy people by lessening their tasks.


Why Choose to Start an Ironing Services Business in Singapore

Singapore is known to have a lot of businesses running, and putting up your own business is a good idea. But, thinking of a new business idea to put up is difficult, especially when there are bunches of established business and competitors. A business venture that gives essential services tends to be successful in that case, try resolving necessary needs and services such as washing laundry.

Laundry and ironing are essential services needed by people. It is favorable to put your own. This business is easy to set up and only requires a small capital than the other sort of business. It also has a high probability of succeeding since it is an essential need of people. So, putting up a laundry and ironing shop is highly recommended.


Requirements to Start an Ironing Services Business

Establishing a new business follows a process to undergo so that the business venture will be fully set and start operating. There are specific requirements for putting up a business like an ironing service business. It includes both personal and legal documents that need to register so that the business venture starts to operate. The requirements will cite below:

Business Plan

In this paper, the plan of the whole business cycle must be discussed. It also includes the research data you gathered and supporting evidence. This paper will be your guide in putting up your business.

Business Permit

Of course, for a business to be called legal, the business must be registered in3 the local government so that there will be no conflict.

Licenses for Laundromat

After securing a business permit, you must also register your business with the Health Science Authority and Police department.


Guidelines to Starting an Ironing Services Business in Singapore

Putting up a new business venture is not as easy as it seems. Ironing services seem easy to establish, but it needs to undergo a process before it officially starts its operation. Below are the guidelines on how to get started with an ironing services business.

Serving and Business Commitment

The first thing to consider is if you can really commit to doing this service because this service needs time and effort, and it will surely be tiring sometimes. It also includes lots of patience and strength as a foundation of the service.

Apply for the Licenses and Documents Needed for the Business

It is important for a business to be registered. If you are already sure about entering this type of business, it is time to apply for licenses for your business to be legalized. You must talk to different people during this step, such as your local authority for documents and licenses and your business advisor for advice.

Business Investments

Every business needs capital investment to operate. You must consider the space locations, mode of delivery, and buying equipment and supplies during this step.

Insurance Application

Security and insurance are necessary for a business specifically. There is a lot of uncertainty in our environment. You must think about taking insurance for the safety of your business and the service you offer.

Know the Basics of Handling a Business

The business world is complicated, and knowing the basics can help you fit in until you adapt to the system eventually. You must also now try to learn the basics of handling a business venture and balancing it with your priorities and the responsibility you will carry in operating a business.

Decide the Mode of Advertisement and Setting of Prizes

After finalizing things, it is now time to set your service prices and how you want to market your business. The prices of your product and your chosen way of advertising must be attractive enough to attract customers.


How to Grow an Ironing Services Business?

Putting up a business is one thing but maintaining and expanding a business is another thing. Like the other types of business, to survive in the ironing service industry, owners must know how to adapt and be flexible about the changes happening in the market. Flexibility includes innovation and expansion of the market. Like the other business, as time went on ironing services started to attract competitors. Moreover, the best way to stay on top is to plan strategically.

There are a lot of ways to expand your business and make sure the growth of it. As an owner, you must be innovative and creative in thinking about solutions to the problems your business might encounter. You must also be flexible in adapting to the changes happening in your environment. With that, here are some tips to make your ironing service business grow.

One way to make your ironing service business in Singapore grow is by investing in upgraded equipment like the iron itself so that your work will be more effective and efficient. Having an effective and efficient set of works encourages your customers to stay loyal to your service business. Their words can be used as one of the marketing strategies for your business.

One more thing is leveling up your marketing strategy. As time passes by, your business will be bigger. You must think of another way to advertise your services without sacrificing the attractiveness of it. Finally, try to engage in partnership with a delivery business or another laundry shop. In that way, your business will surely be continuous.

How to Start an Ironing Service Business in Singapore


Putting up a new business requires intense preparation and new ideas, yet it is worthwhile when it starts to run. Laundry and ironing services are a great deal to aspiring business owners because it is easy to set up. And it does not require a huge amount of capital nor a massive workforce. The types of equipment and materials are also affordable, and still, the business is undoubtedly profitable. This business is one of those emerging businesses that have a substantial impact not just on customer’s lives but also on the owner.