Can A 19-year-old Girl Start Business In Singapore?

There are a Lot of Ways a 19-Year-Old Girl can Start a Business in Singapore With

Singapore’s urbanized nation, a business idea can definitely succeed no matter what age you are. You should not wait any longer because majority of the people who succeed start young and never stopped learning. In addition, you will find it more interesting to work on your own rather than for a boss who can fire you anytime. Any 19-year-old girl can start a business and you have the same chance as others do in becoming successful at your age.

Prepare to Make Mistakes

Businesses that succeed does not commit a lot of mistakes, which is why starting young can be very beneficial. Before you get old, you already know all about the small mistakes you have made when you were starting out and you can avoid them later. What you learn from mistakes can be used wisely and the way to do it is to acknowledge them and admit your mistake. After that, you can think of other ways so you will not do them again.

Use Your Spare Time

At 19, you are still going to school but it does not mean your spare time should also be about your studies. A lot of people underestimate how productive they can still be after doing school work. Yes, you are expected to do good in school, but if you want get started now, use your spare time. For instance, dedicate some of your time every day in coming up with a business idea and then plan it.

It Should be Your Passion

Eventually, a business is going to take a lot of your time, which is why you should spend the time doing what you like. A business that does not involve your passion and determination is likely to fail. If you are thinking of starting your own “green” company, think of ways on how that can be done since you care about the environment.
Regardless of what it is, start to think of ways on how you can market a product or service and start from there before expansion. Do not worry about a lot of things for now, and work hard to make an impact to attract customers.

Find Good People with Character

The quickest way to make a change is to spend time with people you want to become. In addition, while you are building a team, choose people with good values and character. People can always be trained for their skills but someone’s values cannot be changed to what you are looking for.

Make Problem Fixing a Goal and Fulfill Your Desire

Can A 19-year-old Girl Start Business In Singapore?
When you are thinking of ideas for a business, keep in mind that what you offer should either be a problem solver for others or satisfy their desires. If your product can do both, then you are very lucky. For instance, a product that will helps with growing a garden in the suburbs and it is beneficial to the community. This product already exists but it fulfills desire and solves a problem. Before settling on an idea, make sure to research and understand the kind of market you want to attract. Fill the void that other products have made so people will buy from you instead.

Plan How you Will Raise Your Capital

It is more complicated to raise capital than you image and the time it takes is always longer. This is why you should plan for that even if Singapore’s economy is doing great. There are already people who might buy your product but there will be no business without a capital.

Patience is Key

The thing about living in the digital age is that society has become impatient and expect results right away. Building a business means you need to be very patient, especially in the long run because you will encounter a lot of challenges.
So, of course, a 19-year-old girl can start a business in Singapore as long as you have the perseverance and dedication to make it succeed.