How To Make A Living Writing For Small Businesses In Singapore

Make a Living Writing for Small Businesses in Singapore

Writing is an art that not all can do. You have to be creative and have a war with words.

In today’s competitive world, making a living is extremely important. If you are good with languages, you can easily go for content writing. Freelance writing is an upcoming field that is giving employment to more and more people.

If you are new to this field, you will often hear the words B2B Writing or B2C Writing. There are various niches you can choose from, some very profitable, some, not so much.

First, let us see what are B2B and B2C writing.


B2C Writing

B2C means “business-to-customer.” When you write content for a business, that they are planning to show to their customers, it is B2C. Typically, your clients offer a product or a service and they ask you to write a blog embedding details about the product/service. They may even ask you to create a content marketing strategy for pitching their product/service to their customers.

B2C may be lucrative or not, depending on the client you get. Your payments may range from $25 to $100 or even more. Getting a niche of your choice also may get you higher payments.


B2B Writing

B2B means “business-to-business.” When you have a B2B client, you get to write content to help other small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers. Typically, you write white papers and case studies that can be useful not only for other bloggers, but also for small business owners and marketers.

These posts need not essentially be dry and boring. Many companies are realizing the power of engaging people’s attention and these articles can be colorful too. These jobs are fantastically high paying. According to post length and requirements, you could get upwards of $300 per post.


Steps to Make a Living Writing for Small Businesses

Here are steps you need to follow:

Know Your Audience 

The target audience here is small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs. They are busy people, looking for tips to improve their businesses. They do not have the time to sift through jargon or unclear or convoluted ideas.

Keep your articles simple and easy for others to understand. Write in a casual and engaging tone. Do not misunderstand “casual” with using slang or incomplete sentences or incorrect grammar. The tone and content rest entirely on your client.


Base Your Writings on Facts

Most of your clients will ask you to back up your writings with facts. This is even more important if you are writing for B2B clients. Insert relevant links where required. This helps the client get a better hit with search engines. You can add links to similar websites or even source your data from Pinterest to create interesting content.


Use Images and Screenshots Correctly

Remember that an image speaks a thousand words. If you back up your content with a relevant image or a screenshot, it immediately makes the post more engaging and easier to read and also explains concepts better. A visual link appeals to a reader. Optimize your screenshots so that they do not swallow up your entire page, but don’t lose their quality either.

How To Make A Living Writing For Small Businesses In Singapore

Stay Updated 

To make sure you are writing the best tips and solutions for your clients, you should always make it a point to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the niche which you write in. You can follow certain blogs or pages related to that content.

Once you start writing content for B2B, you will know which niches you prefer. Start small and expand as you go till you get the preferred niche of your choice.

If B2B writing doesn’t work for you, you can always opt for B2C. Just keep in mind that you can make a living writing for small businesses in Singapore, sitting right at home!