How to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore?

Steps to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore

Singapore is overflowing with an entrepreneurial spirit. And when the wind of opportunity blew on my doorway, I took it upon myself to start a cleaning company at my house. As an American inventor, Thomas Edison once said, “Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

When launching a cleaning company in Singapore especially at home, you should meet to begin operation. You’ll need to know the type of business structure that’s workable and meets your objectives.

Here are the steps I took to start a cleaning company at my house through my entrepreneurial journey:


Registering My Cleaning Company

Before registering my home-based cleaning company, I went for business name searching for approval. The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) does the name search and the approval before registering the company. In Singapore, you can register your company online through BizFile an ACRA online platform.

In my case, I only required a SingPass ID to access the site, and the registration lasted for fifteen minutes. The intention to start a cleaning company at my house was to offer administration services and search for cleaning contracts. The idea meant I had to register with the Housing & Development Board (HDB) under the Home Office Scheme and to meet the fire safety requirement under the Fire Safety and Shelter Department.


Obtaining a Company License

Having a SingPass ID made it easier for me to secure a business license vis LicenseOne. After that, paid a non-refundable administration fee of S$20 for the application. As part of the National Environmental Agency (NEA) compliance requirement, the cleaning license required a written employment contract and a progressive wage plan and training framework.

The progressive wage plan specifies the wages and the categories if cleaners and its commensurate with Tripartite Cluster for cleaners. It’s a requirement that before making your license application, your cleaners must be at least 50 percent trained in one module under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). Before deciding to start a cleaning company at my house, I went further and liaised with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to access training tips through an initiative dubbed bite-sized training.


Enhancing Connections

Going out searching for cleaning contracts may be cumbersome. But if you decide that within your house you can set up communication equipment, then you’re good to go. When I had this idea to start a cleaning company at my house, my intentions were clear that I would have a house office where I would contact my clients.

I could then deploy my workforce to the cleaning sites whether it’s an office premise or a hotel or a home to offer the services. So, I purchased all the necessary equipment such as desktops computers, laptops, phones, printers, to name four. The most fundamental facility that I installed was the internet.

The internet ensured faster communication and connectivity with my staff and the clients on board. Investing on the latest Microsoft Office software and Adobe Acrobat software was a noble decision as it enhanced efficiency.

How to Start a Cleaning Company at My House in Singapore?


Developed a Solid Business Plan

Your relationship with your vendors, financiers, and clients is easier if you possess a solid business plan. A business plan will increase your odds of securing finances and getting more cleaning contracts from potential clients. The idea to start a cleaning company at my house opened me to the idea that no matter how proficient you are, if your business plan is not solid, you will fail. I outlined into details my ownership details, mission statement, services offered, marketing analysis as well as the financial synopsis.

Learn to explore the untamed territories. It is the small gains that matter the most as your build your business empire.