How to Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore?

Beginner’s Guide to Start an Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Professional office cleaning services have always been in demand in Singapore for the many benefits it offers. While it is true that office occupants can just buy cleaning equipment of their own, having people who are experts on the deep cleaning process makes a big difference. Their expertise on the right cleaning products and techniques can clean even years-long of dirt build-up. With professional office cleaning services, you can target nooks and crevices that are always hard to reach and experience a truly spotless and fully cleaned office.

The cleaning business in Singapore is now very lucrative as companies realize the advantages of outsourcing the services. If venturing into business is one of your near-future plans, think of launching an office cleaning business in Singapore. It’s in demand and very profitable. And with suitable capital and lots of hard work, you can grow a successful office cleaning business that’s genuine in helping make a safer and cleaner working environment.


What Is Office Cleaning Business?

The office cleaning business is a professional cleaning service that aims to thoroughly clean office spaces, from ceilings to bathrooms and working spaces. Clients have different needs, so office cleaning businesses also offer a variety of cleaning services. These include general office cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and industrial cleaning.

You can start an office cleaning business offering the aforementioned service types with vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, emptying trash bins. Office cleaning services are not your regular sweeping and wiping of floors and tabletops, so they require trained and proficient cleaners to complete the job. Cleaning businesses should acquire a cleaning business license under Singapore’s National Environment Agency. And they should also train their personnel to ensure the delivery of quality services.

Clients can schedule office cleanings based on their needs and convenience. Office cleaning businesses can also offer professional recommendations on the ideal time depending on their office size, nature of work, and other factors. You can maintain a good company if you maintain a good relationship with your clients and continue to offer top-quality cleaning services.


Why Choose to Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore?

Maintaining a clean, hygienic, and vibrant workspace is essential in keeping employees healthy and productive. Employees stay for hours long in the office, and being in an airconditioned closed room makes contamination and spread of germs and viruses very likely. Today, especially, everyone is more conscious and concerned about their health and safety. An Office cleaning business will be a hit business in Singapore.

Furthermore, starting and running an office cleaning business is a stable business. Its market is steady, unlike other types of businesses that only profit from the periodic market booms. This business has such a simple but necessary product offering. With training and experience, anyone can become proficient in this field.


Requirements to Start an Office Cleaning Business

All cleaning companies in Singapore need to acquire a license to operate under said sector. The license is valid for one year and subject to annual renewal. To be qualified for the license, the company needs to meet a few specific requirements.

Firstly, the company must register its office cleaning business with ACRA. This applies to every business, whether organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. If the business is organized as an association or society, it must register with ROS.

Secondly, starting companies must hire at least one employee with a minimum of two years of practical experience in cleaning work supervision. Or said employees must have attended the required training modules under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ). After the training, the person must apply and show an understanding of cleaning processes and methods.

Furthermore, existing cleaning companies must have at least one completed or ongoing contract in the last fiscal period to qualify for license renewal. And cleaners working for three months or more in the company must attend at least one training under the EC WSQ Framework. Lastly, the company must submit a progressive wage plan for its employees, following the criteria prescribed by NEA.


Guidelines for Office Cleaning Businesses in Singapore

Starting an office cleaning business in Singapore, like any other business, requires planning and strategizing. The first step you should take when undertaking this business is to create your business plan and policies. This process entails choosing a catchy and relevant business name and identifying which business structure will fit best for your company. You also have to plan out and finalize which services you will be providing.

Furthermore, your plan should also include how you will operate your office cleaning business- your business hours if you’d work on the weekends, service rates, and payment methods. It is sufficient to hire experienced cleaning personnel, but it’s best if you have first-hand experience of the service. You can acquire a temporary job to gain the necessary comprehension and experience about cleaning services and the industry.

The next step is to apply for an insurance policy for your business. This policy will protect your business and assets during calamities or unfortunate problems. Many will think this is an unnecessary expense for a starting business. But ensuring your business helps you operate with ease and also extends that peace of mind to your customers.


How to Grow an Office Cleaning Business?

The growth of a business depends upon many factors- financial management, operations management, marketing strategies, and other external factors. Primarily, how you manage your financial activities and assets greatly impacts your business’ general health. It is always good to properly and consistently record transactions so you can generate reports about how you’re doing financially. Assess these reports and take necessary actions to continually improve your financial condition.

Furthermore, how you manage your personnel and operations would also affect your productivity and efficiency. Industry practices reveal cleaning companies lose more than half of their customer base from a lack of quality service. You should streamline team management to ensure that your people are working at acceptable levels of productivity. Customer and employee feedback is also vital to give an insight into the specific aspects you need to improve on.

Lastly, the ever-changing market makes continual adjustment of your marketing strategies a must. Your marketing team should always endeavor to create an excellent brand to differentiate your business from competitors. Portray your values in the quality of office cleaning service you perform. Providing outstanding performance is the most important marketing strategy you can do.

How to Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore?

Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore

More and more people are now embracing the joys of hiring office cleaning services in Singapore. This increasing demand makes the industry attractive for new and growing entrepreneurs. Like any other business, starting and running an office cleaning business takes time, planning, and effort. If you have the guts and the determination to make it, then this is the best business for you!

Doing business is now much easier in Singapore, and the details of starting one are freely available online. Start a cleaning business in Singapore today and make your journey one of the success stories that will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.