How to Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore?

Guide on How to Start Office Cleaning Business in Singapore

When you have exuded confidence and believe that you possess the passion for venturing into business, think of launching an office cleaning business in Singapore. As famed mogul billionaire Steve Jobs once said, “I’m convinced that half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones, is pure perseverance.”

Cleaning business in Singapore is now lucrative as many businesses and companies are outsourcing the services. You can start small or decide to go big depending on your financial muscles. But before you put your idea into reality, let’s delve on some of the guidelines on how to start an office cleaning business in Singapore:


Business Name Searching

When starting any business whether it’s a sole proprietor of a company you must have a business name. However, business name searching should align with the services your providing. And therefore, when looking for a business name for an office cleaning business in Singapore, the name should be catchy-unique and enticing to the potential customers. It should also be easy-to-pronouncing. In Singapore, the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) will search for the name and on approval retains for you the business for sixty days.


Registering Your Office Cleaning Business

Every business in Singapore must be registered. Registration is made available via the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) online platform BizFile. For you to be able to register your office cleaning business, you require a SingPass ID that enables you to access the portal. The requirements for registration differ from the kind of business structure. For a partnership or a sole proprietor, the requirements are simpler as compared to a company. You’ll ensure that you have a physical address to enable location of your premises by potential clients.


Secure a Business License

The moment your office cleaning business name is approved and registered, you can go ahead and secure a business license. But before securing a business license your business should be in operation for at least a year. What I mean by this is that you must have an open or completed contract before the application and a track record of offering an astounding office cleaning services. In cleaning business, it’s essential for your employees to attend professional cleaning training.

For example, before the application of the license, your employees must have participated in the compulsory training modules under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). The significance of these modules is to ascertain that your employees have attained the right professional knowledge concerning cleaning.

Any cleaning service business in Singapore under the hospice of the National Environmental Agency (NEA) must have a progressive wage plan or model. Cleaning services business must meet the mandatory requirements which cover your employees’ wages. In this case, office cleaning services lie in Group 1 of the three categories on the progressive wage structure. The plan covers both permanent residents Singaporeans and foreign cleaners. Additional, as an aspiring business owner, you should take cognizance of the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC) which forms part of the compulsory licensing requirements.

How to Start an Office Cleaning Business in Singapore?


Set Up an Office

If you plan to succeed in your office cleaning services, you better set up an office. The moment you can communicate and your clients accessing you from your office, it gets even better winning more contracts. You can begin with a smaller office then grow steadily to the level you’d want. No one will care on the size of your office, all they will value the most is your professionalism. Given the popularity of cleaning services in Singapore, the possibility of getting contracts are higher than before. You only need to increase your networks.

Starting a business is not simple and building it may be a nightmare. However, we’re in a world where nothing comes ease. Only your sheer determination and hard work will make you stand out.