How to Start Up My Own Event Planning Business in Singapore

Important to Know: How to Start Up My Own Event Planning Business in Singapore

There Are Numerous Posts About How to Start Up My Own Event Planning Business but This All You Need. Singapore is known for being a preferred destination to hold events, meetings, conventions, and exhibits. Resorts are constantly being launched in Singapore which attracts more people and the government wants to expand arts, entertainment, and sports in the country. This is why it is a very good time to start up my own event planning business. I should take advantage of the country’s success in getting my business into fruition. Here’s what I gathered:

Get Experience

How to Start Up My Own Event Planning Business in SingaporeGetting experience is the 1st thing you should do if you want to get started. Even if this will be extremely useful, it is not always essential. If you did not have the chance to plan for your friends or family, that is fine because as you go on with your chosen career, you will easily gain the skills needed. The most important ones you will learn are time management, organization, communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. When you are at the point of deciding the kind of events you want to specialize in, use a personal experience. For instance, if you have a corporate background, start from there and do not jump into wedding planning right away.


Once you have already decided on your company and where you will focus on, get licensed. You should apply for all of the relevant permits and licenses you will need. This is dependent on the kind of events you will handle. The types of licenses are: Arts Entertainment, Copyright, Public Entertainment, Trade Fair, Animal Exhibition, and others.

Remember, you do not need all of them because it will depend on the specific event/s you will be handling.

Build Your Connections

This is about who you know because it matters a lot, and when it comes to event planning, it is a necessity to have good connections. One way of expanding your network is through social media like LinkedIn where you can join groups and discussions. Going to exhibitions, seminars, and trade shows are good ways to gain contacts and expand your network. If your competitor is having an event, you can establish contacts and get supplier information. You will also find potential sponsors who would love to sponsor events.

Reasonable Rates

Since you are just starting out, avoid overcharging your clients. As you gain expertise in the long run, you can demand higher fees. However, your rates should still be justifiable. Price does not always determine how memorable the event will be. Make sure that even if you have increased over the years, it should still be affordable and reasonable. Customers approach event planners with a budget in mind and it is important to be flexible with your rates, as long as you are not sacrificing a lot of income. You should be able to offer affordable packages with the best services available.

After doing my own research, I no longer feel overwhelmed and they are all useful information that will serve as guide. Moreover, they are all possible and it does not ask a lot of your time and effort. You just have to be passionate about what you do.