How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B Industry

A Dining Experience Like Never Before – How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B Industry

How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B IndustryUnder any circumstance, starting a business is never an easy mission. However, this was not about to stop Cali, a team who was determined that their passion for serving up fresh and delicious dishes be something that everyone can enjoy. Taking advantage of the stunning location and Park Avenue Rochester Hotel down Rochester Drive, Cali decided that this was where they would create an all-day dining environment that would be perfect for both hotel guests and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lunch spot, meetings or even a place to spend your romantic evenings, Cali is going to be the name that is on everyone’s lips and appetite.


A Fusion of Passion and Delectable Dishes

Picture a place where you can come and savour the finest flavors that are prepared with the freshest ingredients. An eclectic menu that is inspired by American, Asian and European cuisines from around the world brought to you under one roof in one location. That is what you will find at Cali.

How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B IndustryWhether it is in the creativity of the menu refinement, or the adoption of new innovative technology, one thing you can be sure of is that there is always something refreshing to be enjoyed with every visit you make to Cali.

And above all, there is one fundamental thing that sets Cali apart from all the other establishments out there. That difference? Cali is a place where genuine connections can be forged amongst people. If you’re looking for a comfortable yet familiar environment where you can come and engage in a long, heartfelt conversation and get to know people on a much deeper level, there’s nowhere better to go that than in the one and only Cali.


Getting to Know the Cali Story

How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B IndustryFounded by Neelendra and run by The Happy Roots Pte Ltd, this Singapore registered company with a vision to make a difference in the dining experience. In short, Cali’s team has the perfect recipe to ensure success.

With 27 years of invaluable multifarious experience, Neelendra learned that tomorrow should never be the same as the previous day, whether it is concept, technology or even profit. Neelendra believes that the core of a man’s spirit comes from new experiences, and created a goal to conceptualized out-of-the-box F&B solutions.

Joel Saldanha, Group General manager of The Happy Roots Pte Ltd., A dynamic, visionary service-centric professional with a practical & proactive approach to achieve the goals with nearly 10 years of invaluable experience.

Wish to conceptualise and create a guest service experience for F&B industry to be one of the kinds in the industry by satisfying each individual preferences.


The Future of Dining Begins at Cali

How Cali is Revolutionizing the F&B IndustryCali is not just your average restaurant. No, it is something much more than that. The team at Cali make it a point to wake up each day and think about how they can take the company, product, brand and business services to the next level, and provide the best service possible in the food and beverage industry.

Cali introduced the first self-sustained, navigation food service robot on April 13th, 2017 which was inaugurated by the Minister of State, Ministry of Manpower & Mayor of the North East District, Mr Teo Sur Luck.

With this initiative, Cali intends to increase productivity and provide the ultimate dining experience in Singapore. The food service robot is able to self-navigate around the hotel, ride the lifts on its own and it even has sensors which enable it to avoid obstacles like walls and people.

And this is only the beginning of what Cali has in store in the future.



Address: 31, Rochester Drive #01-02, Inside Park Avenue Hotel and Suites
138637 Singapore
Contact: +65 6684 9897