Ideas for Teenagers to Create a Business in Singapore

Creative and Simple Ideas for Teenagers to Create a Business in Singapore


What are some ways a teenager can create a business in Singapore?

If you are a teenager looking to start a business in Singapore, first of all, blessings for your idea. You have made a great decision, taking the first step in the path that is most likely to take you to success. Anyway, keep this in mind that it is good for you to aim high, but it might still be too soon for you to get your hands on something huge that you can’t control. You have enough time, so more than making money, right now, you should be focusing on honing your entrepreneurial skills. So, this article is not about making you a millionaire, but about helping you with simple business ideas that will help you learn about how the trading world works. And still, as a teenager, it most definitely is your first business, and you don’t have a lot of funds. So here are some ways teenagers can create a business in Singapore.


‘E-commerce’. It simply means using the internet to sell things. There are ways you could sell stuff online, both yours and others. Say that you have something used, you could put it on sale on a second-hand trade website, and try to get profit for its value. Or you might even consider selling your own products online, like an art or something. Alternatively, and something many would suggest you, you could be an affiliate marketer, meaning that you could try to sell other’s products and get a healthy commission for each unit you sell.

Home Business

Here is a great way for teenagers to create a business in Singapore. Use your home as a marketplace. Produce things on your house, and sell it in the vicinity. For example, your family loves cookies, especially the ones you bake. So, why limit your skills to some taste buds while it can be a liking to hundreds of people in your locality? This was just an example; you should look for the things you can sell. Also, remember, depending on the type of your home business, you will need to acquire necessary permits and register your business. Here is the information on how you can register a company in Singapore.

Ideas for Teenagers to Create a Business in Singapore


As a teenager, this is another way you could create a business in Singapore. Be a tutor, give academic tuition to children younger than you. Of course, it somehow sounds like being a teacher more than an entrepreneur, but you should be able to see it from the eyes of a businessperson. Say that you start as a private tutor, and learning to network with more clients, you will eventually be able to open your own tuition institute, which has a lot of potential in Singapore.

Sell Your Skills

Do you love music? Ever considered putting songs on platforms such a Spotify or apple music and selling it so that people could buy? Or if you love dancing, you could open a YouTube channel uploading videos of yourself dancing and eventually finding high paying gigs. Root entrepreneurship deep within you and do what you like. That is when opportunities come flying towards you.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance now for a client, and eventually you will be a client hiring freelancers. You might have many skills such as graphic designing, programming, web development, content writing and such which are needed by the market. Sign up on freelance job platforms like or, and find paying jobs.

Stock Market

This could be a great approach to business for teens, but remember that you will need a lot of research before getting in the stock market. People in the stock market are players, and before doing anything, you will need to train to play and give your best. So, watch videos on YouTube or read e-books that specifically talk about the stocks, get access to a lot of such materials and make sure that you start with small investments before moving on to make big decisions.

Well, this was it for the article. Did you like these tips for teenagers to create a business in Singapore? I hope it helped you and have a good day.